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Date:2023-09-21   Author:XINDA MOTOR

5IK120RGU-CF AC 220v speed regulating motor 120w adjustable infinitely variable speed forward and reverse small gear reduction motor single phase

AC Speed Motor/220V AC 120W gear motor
10 rpm can drive 400 pounds
Large torque adjustable speed can be forward and reverse
Support customization
Origin: Mainland China
Power supply mode: AC
Motor package: AC reduction motor/bracket/speed regulator
Voltage: 220V
Output speed selection:
0-10 rpm
0-20 rpm
0-30 rpm
0-50 rpm
0-80 rpm
0-100 rpm
0-200 rpm
0-300 rpm
0-500 rpm

Product Parameter

Dimention Drawing of 5IK120RGU-CF

Motor type: AC reduction motor

Voltage: 220V
Motor size: 220*90/mm
Power: 120W
Turning direction: clockwise/anti-clockwise
Motor number:5IK120RGU-CF
Current: 0.87A
Out shaft size:30*15/mm
Motor weight:5.0Kg
Speed control: speed ajustable

Electric motor 5IK120RGU-CF/gearbox parameter chart

Product Advantages of motor model 5IK120RGU-CF

Metal gears: Helical gears made of platinum-containing high-grade alloy steel with IT5-6 grade accuracy, wear-resistant and non-chipping.
Heat dissipation fan: The fan is connected to the end of the rotor, which effectively dissipates heat from the motor and prolongs the life of the motor.
The speed feedback device can effectively control the rhythm of rotation without rotational loss, high mechanical stability.
All-copper coil:Pure copper coil, fast heat dissipation, life is 10 times the ordinary life H-class (180 ° C) enameled wire and insulation materials, large margin of safety.
Precision stator adopts low-loss silicon steel sheet and precision one-piece stamping technology, with high core precision, good magnetic conductivity, low sound and smooth operation.

Application of motor model 5IK120RGU-CF

Motor wiring diagram of 5IK120RGU-CF

Wiring method of 5IK120RGU-CF clockwise/anti-clockwise direction