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220V high speed motor

Date:2023-09-26   Author:XINDA MOTOR
220V high speed motor

Xinda Motor 220v AC speed regulating motor 6W15W40W60W90W120W200W speed regulator small motor

Brand: XD
Model: 220v AC optical axis speed regulating motor
Origin: Mainland China
Power supply mode: AC
Specification selectable: 6W speed regulating motor/15W speed regulating motor/25W speed regulating motor/40W speed regulating motor/ 60W speed regulating motor/90W speed regulating motor/120W speed regulating motor/200W speed regulating motor
Voltage: 220V
Voltage: 220 AC
Power: 6W-200W
Speed: 1400 rpm/2800 rpm

AC Optical Shaft High Speed Motors
High speed Models available
6W, 15W, 25W, 40W, 60W, 90W, 12W, 200W are available.
Pure Copper Coil
Speed adjustable
Can be forward and reverse

Can adjust the speed Can be forward and reverse
Our team after unremitting efforts, developed eight models of optical axis high-speed motor, can let the majority of users have a more accurate and more suitable choice, we pay more attention to quality, so you can rest assured that the use of!

Ball bearing Stable performance, fast speed, low noise.
High precision, wear-resistant, no bouncing teeth
Good overload resistance and stability.

Heat dissipation fan blade Balance winding
High hardness and corrosion resistance
Fan-shaped hyperbolic surface, temperature control at all times
Wear-resistant, durable and corrosion-resistant, can be used vigorously for a long time.

6W speed regulating model

15KW speed regulating motor

25KW speed regulating motor

40KW speed regulating motor

60KW speed regulating motor

90KW speed regulating motor

120KW speed regulating motor

200KW speed regulating motor

Mobile Devices Application/Automative Convenience
Supports a wide range of devices
From small home devices to large production automation
Motion equipment
Welding equipment
Weaving machines
Packaging machines

The sound is so small that you can't hear it
Safe operation 24 hours a day, no noise, children sleep peacefully and comfortably

Product Details At a Glance

High hardness shaft
Adopting new national standard shaft to ensure efficient, stable and safe operation of the motor.
Pure copper coil
Pure copper wire inside the motor, one-piece molding is not easy to scratch, practical, safe and reliable, suitable for equipment, environmental protection equipment.
Safe and reliable / durable
(High efficiency and precision/safety and stability)
Cooling fan
Power 60W or more motors come with cooling fan should make the motor cooling performance is good, the motor shell for a long time vigorously used

Positive Rotation Wiring Diagram and Reverse Wiring Diagram