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Date:2023-09-16   Author:XINDA MOTOR

XD7IK400RGU-CF 400W three-phase AC asynchronous reduction motor 380V220V adjustable speed forward and reverse low and slow speed gear reducer

Origin: Mainland China
Power supply mode: AC

Two-phase output speed 0-10rpm

two-phase output speed 0-15rpm

two-phase output speed 0-23rpm

two-phase output speed 0-28rpm

two-phase output speed 0-35rpm

two-phase output speed 0-47rpm

two-phase output speed 0-70rpm

two-phase output speed 0-140rpm

two-phase output speed 0-280 rpm

two-phase output speed 0-350rpm

two-phase output speed 0-467rpm

two-phase output speed 0-700rpm

three Phase output speed 0-10rpm

Three-phase output speed 0-15rpm

Three-phase output speed 0-23rpm

Three-phase output speed 0-28rpm

Three-phase output speed 0-35rpm

Three-phase output speed 0-47rpm

Three-phase output Speed 0-70rpm

Three-phase output speed 0-140rpm 

Three-phase output speed 0-280rpm 

Three-phase output speed 0-350rpm 

Three-phase output speed 0-467rpm 

Three-phase output speed 0-700rpm

Voltage: 380V
Voltage: 380V220V
Power: 400W
Conventional output speed: 10-600 rpm
Performance: Adjustable speed, forward and reverse
Attributes: Gear reduction and high torque

AC Geared Motor

10 turns can drive 2000 pounds
Adjustable speed 7GU-75K
Forward and reverse rotation
Support customization
Send governor/controller for free

Product Parameters

Brand : Xinda Motor
Name: 400W Geared Motor
Model :Brake speed reducer series
Voltage: AC220V380V
Power: 400W
Motor Size:336*120MM
Output shaft size:48*22MM
Output shaft milling edge: milling edge 0.5MM
Output speed:10rpm-600rpm
Motor steering: adjustable speed forward and reverse rotation

Motor Wiring Diagrams

Good motor of course good selection

Safe and quiet, long service life and more powerful.
All-copper coil
Pure copper coils, fast heat dissipation, life expectancy 10 times longer than normal, H-class (180°C) enameled wire and insulation materials with a large margin of safety.
All-steel hobbing
Adopting platinum-containing high-grade alloy steel to manufacture
Spiral gears, high precision up to
T5-6 grade, wear-resistant without bouncing teeth, full hobbing
bearings, fast starting speed, double ball bearings
Double ball bearing
Adopting imported double ball bearings to reduce friction, less sound and higher efficiency when the motor is working.

Wide range of application

Wide range of applications, from general family machines to production equipment automation in a variety of fields, such as: electric toy cars, flying saucers bumper cars, robots, shaking cars, motor equipment, water meters, IC cards, petroleum valves, vending machines, medical equipment, electric safes, advertising light boxes, channel gates and so on.