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Tesla Cybertruck could be delivered by mid-2023

Date:2022-07-22   Author:XINDA MOTOR

Today, foreign auto media reported that Musk said at the shareholders meeting: Tesla Cybertruck may deliver vehicles in mid-2023.

According to the previous exposure of the actual car, the size of the production version of the Tesla Cybertruck will change from the previously displayed vehicle. In addition, the rear-view mirror has also become a traditional shape, new wipers are added, the shape of the headlight group has been adjusted, the windshield has been changed to a curved surface, and the previous fully enclosed rim has been cancelled.

In the interior, a Yoke steering wheel is optional.

In terms of power, according to previous information, the Tesla Cybertruck will be equipped with four motors, and the fastest acceleration time to 100 kilometers is 2.9 seconds. In terms of battery life, there are three versions of 402km, 483km and 804km.