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What kind of motor does an electric sewing machine use? Will the belt drive burn?

Date:2022-07-12   Author:XINDA MOTOR

A sister who likes sewing has an old-fashioned pedal-operated sewing machine. During an accidental stroll, she found an actual case of adding a motor to an old-fashioned sewing machine, so she also came up with the same idea of modification.

The old-fashioned sewing machine is driven by the pedal and the belt, that is, the acceleration process of dragging the small wheel through the large wheel, the beating speed of the sewing machine foot depends on the running speed of the pedal; for electric sewing machines, the It is the deceleration process of dragging the big wheel through the small wheel. Regardless of the original pedal mode or the improved electric operation mode, the belt drive is adopted. We will now ask, what is the main type of the matching motor?

Sewing machine motors belong to the category of micro motors. Sewing machines have long since bid farewell to the era of human drive, especially the industrial sewing machine industry, which pays attention to efficiency, has been developing rapidly, and as the core power components of sewing machines, sewing machine motors and motor control technology are also in constant development. After these years of innovation, several generations of products have been updated so far, and its technology is constantly improving.

Clutch-type sewing machine motor. The clutch type sewing machine motor is mainly composed of an asynchronous motor, a clutch and a brake pad. The motor is simple in structure, reliable in operation, and short in starting and braking time, so it can be started quickly and has low investment cost. However, the work efficiency is not high, the maintenance workload of the machinery and equipment is large, and some parts are prone to wear.

Eddy current induction motor. The motor is mainly composed of an asynchronous motor, an eddy current electromagnetic slip clutch, and a DC excitation power supply. The motor is simple in structure, reliable in operation, convenient for maintenance, can realize stepless speed regulation, and has a relatively wide speed regulation range. In addition, it can be started without load. However, the motor cannot run at full speed. Once it is in the low speed area, the work efficiency is relatively low.

Hybrid stepper motor. The motor is mainly composed of a hybrid stepping motor and a stepping controller, which is convenient to control; but the positioning accuracy is not very good.

Servo motor. The motor is mainly composed of a motor, an optical encoder, a servo controller, and the like. High positioning accuracy, long service life, good working performance, and energy saving. But the price is higher than other types of sewing machine motors.