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[CMDF] 2022 China International Motor Market Development Summit Forum and Motor Drive and Control Te

Date:2022-07-12   Author:XINDA MOTOR
   A few days ago, as the domestic epidemic prevention and control situation continued to improve, dynamic adjustments were also made to the epidemic prevention policy requirements in many places across the country. As agreed by the Organizing Committee of the conference, the 2022 China International Motor Market Development Summit Forum and the Motor Drive and Control Technology Seminar will be adjusted to September 22 in Ningbo, Zhejiang for a grand restart !
       In 2022, with the increasing price of raw materials in the motor industry chain, coupled with the increasingly stringent environmental protection requirements under the background of "double carbon", the "Motor Energy Efficiency Improvement Plan (2021-2023)" issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the State Administration for Market Regulation and the latest The implementation of the motor energy efficiency standard "GB18613-2020 Electric Motor Energy Efficiency Limits and Energy Efficiency Grades" has brought about a series of problems such as impact on enterprises. Motor enterprises urgently need to change the original production and operation mode in order to find opportunities for survival and development;
       The "2022 China International Motor Market Development Summit Forum" organized by Shandong Ainazhi Technology Co., Ltd. and [China Motor Development Network zgdjfzw.com] is scheduled to be held in Ningbo, Zhejiang on September 22, 2022! The conference will invite representatives of domestic and foreign upstream and downstream enterprises in the motor industry to participate in technical exchanges and business cooperation. Industry elites gather together to learn, communicate, exchange and network! Focusing on the current hot spots and key topics, we will not talk about "dry goods", but rely on China Motor Development Network and media strategic partners in the same industry to plan and report this conference online and offline at the same time! During the conference, the whole video live broadcast aims to strengthen the communication and sharing of motor enterprises and technicians, promote further cooperation between them, and promote the overall development of the motor industry with innovative technologies and products.

time and location

Meeting place

Venue: Zhejiang. Ningbo

Hotel address: Ningbo New Century Hotel

Conference matters

1. Participation fee: 

Conference fee: RMB  2,600 per person , China Electric Machinery Development Network member unit conference fee of RMB 2,180 per person; the accommodation is arranged uniformly, and the expenses are at their own expense.

2. Sponsorship fees:

Booth promotion package: ¥12000 , including the following services:

1. 1 3x2 standard booth

2. 20-minute conference exclusive speech opportunity

3, 4 people can participate for free (2 guest seats, with table cards)

4. 1 x display rack (need to design by yourself)

5. LOGO display on the background of the conference

6. 1 to 1 VIP interview + follow-up report promotion

7. Participate in the discussion session of the big coffee roundtable

For more promotion opportunities, please consult the conference commissioner.

※The above fees include conference fees, materials fees, food and beverage fees, etc. Participating companies are requested to remit money to the designated account of the conference before August 20.  

Note on invoices: In order to ensure the correctness of the invoice issuance, and to reduce unnecessary troubles caused by the refund and modification of the invoice, please arrange the remittance in advance and send the remittance receipt to 408319962@qq.com or telephone Please inform us that we will issue an official invoice when registering for the meeting. Representatives who paid on-site cannot issue invoices at that time. They need to be issued by the conference affairs group and mailed to your company after the conference. We hope that participating companies will understand and cooperate! 

3. Description of printed address book:  

The conference address book will be printed before the conference. If you are sure to participate in the conference, please be sure to send the participation receipt to the designated email address before August 20. 

Supporting Sponsors :
Guangde Yisheng Precision Technology Co., Ltd., Shandong Jinlit Group,
Ningbo Hongda Motor Mould Co., Ltd., Dezhou Hengli Motor Factory
Anhui Wannan Motor Co., Ltd., Shandong Ai Magnetic Drive Technology
Kelier Motor Co., Ltd., ABB China, Siemens China
Wolong Motor, Shandong Huali Group, Lake Electric Co., Ltd.
Zhaoqing Ailongwei Electromechanical, Power Integrations,
Hengshui Electric, Shandong Vosges Electric Motor Co., Ltd.,
Huangshi Dongbei Motor Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Changsheng Electric
Shanghai Dingchao Motor Co., Ltd., Youmao Motor (Shenzhen)
Dongguan Jiada Magnetoelectric Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Longde Technology Co., Ltd.
Anhui Welling Auto Parts Co., Ltd., Huichuan Technology Co., Ltd.
Jiangxi Yueci Rare Earth, Suzhou Chunneng Motor Co., Ltd.,
Hangzhou Zhiyu Magnetic Industry, Zhejiang Yusu Motor Co., Ltd.,
Shenzhen Smart Micro Motor Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Xianglong Electromechanical
Boshan New Micro Motor Factory, Shanghai Zhongke Industrial Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Leiyin Electromechanical Co., Ltd., Aibo Robot
Gold Insulation, Juli Automation, Meikai Power Instruments
CRRC Yongji, Dazhong Motor, Lianyi Motor, Wuxi Ou Ruijing,
Jiamusi Motor, Itech Electronics,...

Scope of participation:

•  Motor: small and medium motor/fractional horsepower motor/high-efficiency motor/permanent magnet motor/servo motor/explosion-proof motor/AC motor/micro motor/stepper motor/DC motor/special motor/vibration motor/low power motor/traction motor /gear motor/synchronous motor/series motor/automotive motor/household appliance motor/large motor/generator set, etc.;

• Motor control systems and devices: motor control systems and servo systems/drivers/speed governors/numerical control devices/frequency converters/switching equipment/converters/specialized equipment/power electronic devices and devices;

• Magnetic materials: various permanent magnet materials and soft magnetic materials/magnetic material production and testing equipment/electric carbon products and electrical alloys, etc.;

• Manufacturing equipment: winding machine/punching equipment/insulation coating equipment/plastic press/processing equipment/magnetizing machine/tools/production line, etc.;

• Test instruments and equipment: armature tester/motor comprehensive performance tester/dynamic balancing machine/electricity tester/dynamometer/insulation performance tester/magnetic measuring instrument/online tester/CAT/mechanical inspection equipment, etc. ;

• Ancillary products: bearing/stator/rotor/brush/commutator/mold/fan/iron core/shaft/punch/end cover/thermal protector/conductor/insulation material/engineering plastic/junction box/connector;