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Ford's electric SuperVan breaks through 100 in two seconds, the world's fastest van

Date:2022-06-24   Author:XINDA MOTOR

At the 2022 Goodwood Festival, Ford officially released the "Ford Pro Electric SuperVan", which officially stated that the new car is a "van" driven by a pure electric power system based on the Ford E-Transit .

The Ford Pro Electric SuperVan has made crazy use of the aerodynamics of the car, and has changed the car to look like a "van" at all! The low wind resistance shape at the front and the spoiler and large rear wing at the rear can effectively reduce wind resistance and provide air downforce.

The low-slung shape and various sports suits are hard to imagine that this is a "van"! Therefore, there is no need for the remaining rear storage space. In order to reduce the weight of the body and its aerodynamic characteristics, the entire rear cabin is hollowed out, leaving only the connection between the roof and the D-pillar to pretend that it is still a car.” truck".

In terms of interior, the design style is basically the same as that of the racing car! It is also equipped with a large-sized central control screen and instrument panel.

In terms of power, as a new generation of "SuperVan", the new car has nearly 2,000 horsepower. According to Ford's official introduction, the car can accelerate from zero to one hundred within 2 seconds! Powered by four electric motors, the entire package was developed by Ford Performance and Austrian racing company STARD.

In terms of battery life, a 50kWh liquid-cooled battery is fixed inside the steel frame and composite body. It only takes 45 minutes to fully charge, but considering the movement of the car, the cruising range of this car on the track will not be too long.