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Tesla Cybertruck design finalized for next year's Texas factory

Date:2022-06-24   Author:XINDA MOTOR

On June 23, according to foreign media reports, Musk mentioned in the Austin super factory in Texas that the design of the Cybertruck has been locked . At the same time, Tesla officials said on social media that the Cybertruck will start production at the Texas factory in mid-2023.


Musk also said that Tesla is currently trying to finally start making trucks. The bigger problem, however, is the semiconductor shortage currently plaguing the auto industry.

In the past year, we can see that the Cybertruck has changed from the concept car in many places, such as the reduction of the overall size of the body, the addition of windshield wipers, and conventional physical rearview mirrors. In addition, in the latest real car picture, the frameless door of the Cybertruck still does not have a door handle and is opened by swiping a card.

The interior spy photos of the Tesla Cybertruck were exposed at the front end. Compared with the original concept car, it has undergone major adjustments, mainly adding a dashboard. The dashboard, steering wheel, etc. in the Cybertruck interior design are similar to those of the Model S/X. In addition, Cybertruck also has a black rectangular area near the A-pillar of the new car, and its specific function cannot be determined at present.


▲Tesla Cybertruck interior spy photos


▲ Tesla Model X interior

Tesla Cybertruck has accumulated a lot of orders. According to data from foreign statistical websites, so far, Cybertruck still has 1,487,764 valid reservations. Tesla has closed the pre-order channel because of too many orders.