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Motor explanation丨Screw stepper motor

Date:2022-06-23   Author:XINDA MOTOR
The screw stepper motor is a motor that integrates the stepper motor and the screw rod, and a motor that drives the screw rod can be achieved by omitting the separate assembly of the screw rod and the stepper motor. Small size, easy installation and reasonable price.
The screw stepping motor belongs to the series of linear motion motors, and is often referred to as a linear stepping motor or a linear stepping motor in use. From the point of view of equipment function, the main function of the lead screw stepping motor is to bear the load and realize the cyclic reciprocating linear motion; from the point of view of energy conversion, it is mainly to realize the mechanical energy that converts electrical energy into linear motion.

Compared with the rotary stepping motor, the rotary stepping motor mainly relies on some motion mechanisms to convert the rotary motion into linear motion. Therefore, the mechanical structure of the screw stepping motor itself is simpler, and the overall volume of the equipment is also smaller.
Nowadays, the trend of miniaturization, refinement and modular design of mechanical equipment is becoming more and more obvious, and the use range of stepper motor series products is also expanding. Under the influence of the above-mentioned dual trends, the application of screw stepping motors has become more and more extensive, such as medical instruments, test instruments, communication fields, semiconductor fields, printing equipment, stage lighting and other related equipment and fields. Rod stepper motors are playing an increasingly important role. The public account "Mechanical Engineering Literature", the gas station for engineers!
The following will briefly introduce the specific structure type classification of the screw stepping motor and the representative product characteristics under the corresponding classification.
1. External drive type of lead screw stepping motor
1) The external drive screw stepping motor does not contain a driver, and its screw is generally made of stainless steel.
2) In the process of use, it should be noted that the rated current of different types of motors is different. Remember not to let the current of the driver exceed the rated current of the motor itself, otherwise it will easily lead to the serious consequences of abnormal heating or even burning of the motor.

2. Lead screw stepping motor through shaft type

1) The through-shaft lead screw stepping motor also does not contain a driver. Special attention should be paid to this series of lead screws during use, because there is no mechanical limit between the lead screw and the nut of the through-shaft lead screw stepping motor. Disengagement will occur.
2) The through-shaft stepping motor needs to select the appropriate end connection method in advance to prevent the screw from rotating.
3) There is no need to add other kinds of lubricating oil to the screw rod when using it. The screw rod has been added with special lubricating oil when it leaves the factory. The use of other lubricating oil will increase the risk of damage to the motor equipment.

3. Screw stepping motor fixed shaft type

The fixed shaft lead screw stepping motor benefits from the advantages of its fixed shaft structure in use. The front end will extend out of the rod but will not rotate, as long as the appropriate driver is selected for matching use.