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Commercial Soymilk Machine Motor

Date:2021-09-23   Author:XINDA MOTOR

product name:

Commercial Soymilk Machine Motor YY7102 Series

category: Home Appliance Motors
Product number: YY7102225 YY102A225
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Product Details

  The commercial soybean milk machine motor is a single-phase asynchronous motor, 250W-370W power, low temperature rise, mainly used for commercial soybean milk machine.

  Product model: YY7102

  Product Name: Commercial Soymilk Maker Motor

  Voltage: 220V

  Power: 250-400W

  Speed: 2800 rpm

  Application: commercial soymilk maker

Advantages of commercial soymilk maker

 The commercial soymilk machine is suitable for the following groups: high-end hotels, restaurants, Chinese and Western restaurants, medium and high-end restaurants, Chinese and Western fast food restaurants, bakery and cake shops, coffee shops, beverage shops, canteens of government agencies and enterprises, night market stalls, convenience stores, and large supermarket cooked food areas. , Expressway service area restaurants, snack shops, train dining cars, long-distance passenger ships, airline flights, entertainment venues (bath centers, foot massage halls, KTV, chess and card rooms, cinemas), fast food catering companies, mobile drink carts, soy milk chain stores, Buddha Taoist temples, schools, kindergartens, etc. From these, it can be seen that the demand for soy milk and grain beverages required by this type of people is very large. What are the advantages of Yuanyi commercial soy milk machine to meet their needs?

  1. The commercial soybean milk machine has large capacity, small consumables, low production cost, and will definitely pay off in the short term.

  2. The commercial soymilk machine can make soymilk, rice paste, corn juice, vegetable and fruit porridge and other beverages. It is a multi-functional machine. It only consumes 600g of soybean consumables to make 10L of soymilk.

  3. The production standard of commercial soymilk machine is made according to the soymilk industry standard.

  4. The commercial soybean milk machine can make pulp and paste with one button, and the operation is simple

  5. The commercial soymilk machine uses an open cavity body, which has no hygienic dead corners and is easy to clean. The machine structure is clear at a glance, and it is not easy to malfunction.

  6. The commercial soymilk maker uses a motor for forced heat dissipation and special air ducts to dissipate heat, which solves the problem that the soymilk maker does not dissipate heat and is easy to burn. Under the condition of heat dissipation, the soymilk maker can work continuously and uninterruptedly, and the service life is also prolonged.

Maintenance points of commercial soybean milk machine motor

 Maintenance points of commercial soybean milk machine motor:

  1. When there is no water in the cup or the water level is too low, the motor and heating tube do not work, which is not a malfunction. It is better to place the water volume close to the upper water level line.

  2. When washing, only use water and a cleaning brush to wash the soy milk adhering to the lower part of the machine head. Do not soak the machine head in water or wash the upper part of the machine head with water.

  3. Place the commercial soybean milk maker in a ventilated and dry place indoors, and should not be exposed to direct sunlight to prevent the plastic parts from fading.

  4. The motor of the commercial soymilk machine should be placed horizontally on the platform to avoid the vibration of the machine being increased due to inclination.

  5. After use, the plug must be unplugged from the socket before cleaning. When the surface of the casing is dirty, wipe it off with a soft cloth; when it is seriously dirty, it can be cleaned with detergent.

  6. Clean the inside of the bucket. After each use, wait until the temperature in the bucket is reduced to not hot to the hand or quickly cool down with cold water. To loosen it clockwise, remove the dregs and pulp separator, pour out the pulped soybean dregs, and gently wash the surface of the soybean milk fiber with clean water and a brush.