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Charging power 360kW Shell and ABB release charging pile

Date:2022-05-21   Author:XINDA MOTOR

ABB e-mobility and Shell have announced plans to launch the first nationwide charging network in Germany powered by Terra 360, the world's fastest charging pile.

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Over the next 12 months, ABB e-mobility and Shell will install more than 200 Terra 360 charging points in Germany. On the same day, ABB Electric Mobility also released the new ABB TERRA CA second-generation smart DC charging pile in China to further accelerate the promotion of its charging pile business.

Under a global framework agreement signed earlier this month, ABB Electric Mobility will provide Shell with an end-to-end AC and DC charging portfolio, including AC wall-mounted chargers for home, workplace and retail installations, as well as Terra 360 charging ABB will support Shell's goal of installing 500,000 charging stations globally by 2025, increasing to 2.5 million by 2030.

Terra 360 was officially released on October 8, 2021. This modular charging pile can charge up to four electric vehicles at the same time through dynamic power distribution. Car owners can use the multiple charging guns that come with the charging pile to charge at the same time. This reduces the time spent waiting in line for charging. It is ideal for gas stations, city charging stations, mall parking lots and for fleet applications.

The new charging pile has a maximum output of 360kW and can charge any electric vehicle in 15 minutes. Its innovative lighting system guides the user through the charging process and displays the battery's state of charge and the time remaining until the end of the optimal charging period. It's also accessible and has an ergonomic cable management system that helps owners quickly plug in and charge the gun with very little effort.

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