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250W-750W 12V-220V Kitchen Waste Disposer DC Motor

Date:2021-09-23   Author:XINDA MOTOR

product name:

Kitchen Waste Disposer Motor

category: Home Appliance Motors

Product Details

The kitchen waste disposer motor is a permanent magnet DC motor, the voltage can be customized according to customer needs, the voltage is 12V-220V, the power is 250W-750W, the starting power is large, the speed is adjustable, and the service life is long.

Common problems and causes of cleaning equipment motors

 Common problems and causes of cleaning equipment motors :

  1. Motor heating of cleaning equipment

  When the motor is running under unbalanced voltage, the stator loss increases due to the negative sequence components in the current and voltage. Therefore, the temperature rise of the stator winding is higher than that when running under the balanced voltage, and the increase in the rotor loss is due to the current squeeze. flow effect increases. Furthermore, voltage imbalance is usually associated with a reduction in the positive sequence component, which increases the current in the positive sequence component in the stator and rotor.

  2. Torque reduction

  When the three-phase voltage is unbalanced, the locked-rotor torque and rated torque of the motor will be reduced. If the voltage unbalance is serious, the motor will not work normally.

  3. The full load speed drops

  When the motor runs at full load under unbalanced voltage, since the slip increases with the increase of the additional loss of the rotor, the speed will decrease slightly at this time.