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A new partner for campus epidemic prevention - electric sweeper to maintain campus sanitation!

Date:2021-09-23   Author:XINDA MOTOR

In order to better protect the sanitation environment of the school road, the sanitation service center of a college in Dongguan listened to the opinions of the students and equipped a school road sweeper.

Campus Sweeper, Mingnuo Sweeper, Electric Sweeper

Through the conversation with Director Li Peng of the Sanitation Service Center, we learned that the purchased four-wheeled electric sweeper is mainly responsible for cleaning the garbage and fallen leaves in the school road. This campus sweeper is flexible and cleaner than manual cleaning; it has high work efficiency, shortens cleaning time, and reduces the workload of cleaning staff.

Don't underestimate this small body, the two brushes in the front are responsible for collecting garbage, and the trash can at the back is used to load garbage, and clean water will be sprayed from the bottom during cleaning to reduce the dust generated during the cleaning process. A warning sign was also set up at the rear to remind the surrounding students to pay attention to avoidance.

Campus Sweeper, Mingnuo Sweeper, Electric Sweeper

The campus sweeper goes to and from get off work on time. Vehicle cleaning time: 5:30~8:30; 10:00~11:30 and after 4 pm. Stick to its post every day. As long as the garbage on the road needs it, it will not be absent.

Since I got this sweeper, the school road has been much cleaner. The cleaners also don't need to sweep the school road with brooms in the hot summer, nor do they have to resist the cold wind and fight against the garbage in the cold winter. Finally, let's enjoy the working photos of a wave of campus sweepers!

Campus Sweeper, Mingnuo Sweeper, Electric Sweeper