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Motor Conference of automotive, aviation, rail and industrial motor industries gather in Changzhou

Date:2023-11-23   Author:XINDA MOTOR
Motor Conference of automotive, aviation, rail and industrial motor industries gather in Changzhou

Motor Conference of Thousands of People! The automotive, aviation, rail and industrial motor industries gather in Changzhou, with a full agenda attached


//Conference background//


Thanks to the development of power electronics, computers and other technologies, the global industrial motor market has experienced great growth. With the emergence of many new materials, various new, efficient, and special motors are emerging one after another.

Looking at the development trends of the global electric motor market, the electric motor industry is developing towards intelligence and integration, and products are developing towards differentiation, specialization, high efficiency and energy saving. The performance of ordinary motors is no longer able to meet the growing needs of modern industry, so people's demand for ultra-high-speed motors is increasing. Compared with other motors, high-speed permanent magnet motors have the characteristics of small rotational inertia, fast dynamic response, and can be directly connected to the load. Therefore, they can reduce system operating noise, improve system control accuracy, and improve operational reliability and efficiency. 

As the integration of new energy vehicle systems has become an industry development trend, flat wire motors are a general trend in the motor industry. OEMs and third-party manufacturers are actively deploying them, and their market has great growth potential.


//Conference activity process//


 December 26

Sign in & Move-in

December 27

2023 China Motor Industry Chain Conference Plenary Session

High-level orientation dinner

2023 Motor & Supplier Influence TOP Enterprise Award Ceremony

December 28

CHP2023 The 6th China New Energy Vehicle Flat Wire Motor Annual Conference

2023 2nd Annual High-efficiency Motor Innovation Technology Annual Conference

2023 High Speed Motor Innovation Technology Summit

Wangcai's first hub motor theme salon

 December 27-28

2023 The 3rd Motor Materials and Manufacturing Equipment Exhibition


//Conference Introduction//



2023 China Motor Industry Chain Conference Plenary Session

Speech at the conference

(Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences & Professor of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Shenzhen Helix Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., Chairman

Kangfu Technology Co., Ltd., Chairman)

Opportunities and challenges of high-performance electric power systems for electric aviation

(Wolong Electric (Shanghai) Central Research Institute Co., Ltd., Vice President)

Introduction to high-efficiency high-speed motor technology driven by new energy vehicles

(Inovance United Power Systems Co., Ltd., Chief Engineer)

Digital reform of motor manufacturing

(Shenzhen Helix Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., deputy general manager)

Application of high-performance electrical steel in the field of new energy vehicles

(Shougang Zhixin Qian'an Electromagnetic Materials Co., Ltd., chief technical expert)

Innovative applications of Solvay specialty polymers in high-voltage drive motors

(Solvay Specialty Polymers, Greater China Transportation Industry Marketing Manager)

Ultrasonic motor technology and its application in high-end equipment

(Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, professor, doctoral supervisor)

Flat wire motor stator automation solution

(Suzhou Hanchuan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Automotive BU Marketing Department Manager)

Flat wire motor intelligent assembly production line

(Liding Intelligent Equipment (Qingdao) Group Co., Ltd.)

Key technologies and applications of axial flux motors

(Hangzhou Zhonghao Electric Technology Co., Ltd., co-founder/chief engineer/senior engineer)

Laser welding process of flat wire motor


Technology upgrade drives automotive air conditioning compressor industry innovation

(Denso/Hanang/Haili/Midea Welling)

Market opportunities and challenges for home appliance motors under new energy efficiency standards


The agenda is subject to the on-site


2023 2nd Annual High-efficiency Motor Innovation Technology Annual Conference

Core control session

Opportunities and challenges for the development of refrigeration technology under low-carbon goals

(China Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Industry Association, Deputy Secretary-General)

Introduction to the development of high-efficiency and energy-saving motor industry

(Deputy Director/Professor, Institute of Electromagnetic and Electronic Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology)

BLDC brushless variable frequency motor market status and development trends

(Inovance Technology/Dayang Motor/Jiangte Motor/Moons Electric/Collier)

High-efficiency BLDC motor control MCU and solutions

(National Technology/GigaDevice)

High-efficiency permanent magnet synchronous motor design experience and hot application sharing

(Jingfeng Mingyuan, senior motor technology expert/marketing program director)

New generation IGBT technology helps motor drive

(Infineon Infineon)

High-efficiency permanent magnet synchronous motor helps equipment save energy and improve efficiency (planned)

(Xiamen Shituo Servo Technology Co., Ltd., Deputy General Manager of Marketing)

Key application session

Applications of high-efficiency motors in the aerospace field

(National Precision Micro-Motor Engineering Technology Research Center, Deputy Chief Engineer)

Research and application of high-energy-efficiency explosion-proof motors

(Wolong Electric Nanyang Explosion-Proof Group Industrial Drive Co., Ltd., Director of R&D Department)

High-efficiency motors promote the development of intelligent ships

(Kangfu Technology Co., Ltd., deputy general manager)

Design of efficient rail transit motor insulation system 

(CRRC Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Research Institute Co., Ltd., professor-level senior engineer/Ph.D.)

Ultra-efficient magnetizing synchronous reluctance motor and driver system

(Zhejiang Haichuan Electric Technology Co., Ltd., co-founder)

Technical characteristics and applications of switching and synchronous reluctance motors

(Shandong Aici Drive Technology Co., Ltd., General Manager)

Research status of amorphous high-efficiency motors

(Shenyang University of Technology, Professor)

The agenda is subject to the on-site


2023 High Speed Motor Innovation Technology Annual Conference

Design and experimental research on high-speed permanent magnet motor

(Dongfeng Motor, deputy chief engineer of new energy powertrain technology)

High-performance, high-speed electric drive system design challenges

Chongqing Qingshan Industrial/BorgWarner

Complete line solution for new energy motor shaft parts

Zhejiang Zhongzhi Jingong Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

High-speed motor design characteristics and key technology interpretation

(Nezha Automobile Haozhi Technology Parts Company, Chief Motor Engineer)

Ansys simulation solution for high-speed permanent magnet motor

(AVL Lister/Nomax/Ansys Ansys Technology)

Key technologies for the development and testing of high-speed motors for new energy vehicles

(National New Energy Vehicle Innovation Center, Chief Motor Development Engineer)


High-speed motor structural design and optimization

Zhixin Technology Co., Ltd., Head of Motor

Shun Dali Technology (Nantong) Co., Ltd., Technical Director

Yiduo Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Deputy General Manager

Hecheng New Material Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Deputy General Manager

Zhejiang Geely Automobile Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Electric Drive Co., Ltd.

Development and application of magnetic levitation high-speed motor technology

(School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Wuhan University of Technology, Professor)

Magnetic bearing key technology development and industrialization development

(Nanjing Magnetic Valley Technology Co., Ltd.)

Discussion on key bearing technologies for high-speed electric drive

(Renben Co., Ltd., New Energy Project Director)

Application of carbon fiber and composite materials in motors

(Jiangsu Jicui Carbon Fiber and Composite Materials Application Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd., Vice President)

The agenda is subject to the on-site


CHP2023 The 6th China New Energy Vehicles Flat wire motor annual meeting

Exploration of high-efficiency technology of Nezha new energy flat wire drive motor

(Nezha Automobile, Chief Powertrain Engineer)

The latest technology in flat wire motor assembly

(Helix, Business Director)

Core process design of flat wire motor mass production line

(Zhongke Motong, Executive Director of π Research Institute/General Manager of Automotive Industry Division)

Research on key technologies of flat wire motors

(Fudi Power Motor Factory, Manager of Motor Research Department)

Flat copper wire motor laser process solution

(Carmen Haas, Flat Wire Motor Project Manager)

Flat wire motor stator automation solution

(rich family)

Customized electromagnetic wire solution for flat wire motor

(Essex Furukawa Electromagnetic Wire (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.)

Overview of Flat Wire Motor Technology Roadmap

(Porsche Consulting)

Analysis and research on technical challenges of SiC driven flat wire motors

(Harbin Institute of Technology, professor, doctoral supervisor)

Discussion on multi-layer design scheme of flat wire motor

(Xpeng Motors, motor development expert)

Progress of polyimide slurry for enameled wire for 800V flat wire motor

(Zhejiang Zhongke Jiuyuan New Materials Co., Ltd., General Manager)

Key technologies for high-performance oil-cooled flat wire motors


Design and optimization of multi-layer flat wire motor windings

(BorgWarner, motor design expert)

800V high voltage flat wire adhesive stator and rotor


New generation flat wire motor detection solution


Discussion on the electrical safety design of high-voltage flat wire motors

(Zhixin Technology, Chief Engineer of Electrical Engineering)

Laser welding process of flat wire motor


The agenda is subject to the on-site

Wangcai's first hub motor theme salon

Discussion content

Discussion on application scenarios and development trends of in-wheel motors

Wheel hub motor technical challenges and solutions

Current status of hub motor industry and in-demand technologies


  • Technical   Director of Dongfeng Motor Corporation Technology Center Prospective Technology Research Center

  • Deputy Director of the R&D Project Management Department of FAW Group R&D Center

  • Human Horizons Electric Drive Director

  • Xiamen Jinlong United Automotive Industry Co., Ltd. Engineering Research Institute Drive System Integration Technical Expert, System Integration Professional Chief Engineer

  • General Manager of Baodun (Tianjin) Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd.

  • General Manager of Wuxi Weifu Electric Drive Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Chief Engineer, Feige Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Director of China Region Strategy and Future Solutions of Safety and Dynamic Control Business Group of Continental Mick Automotive Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

  • Professor and Vice Dean (in charge of work), School of Electrical Engineering, Southeast University

  • Deputy Director, Institute of Power Machinery and Vehicle Engineering, School of Energy Engineering, Zhejiang University

  • School of Mechanical Engineering, Tianjin University/Key Laboratory of Efficient Utilization of Medium and Low Temperature Thermal Energy, Ministry of Education Associate Professor, Doctor of Engineering, Tianjin Youth Thousand Talents Program

  • Vice President of Marketing Company of Shanghai Panhub Power Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Director of New Energy Technology Department, Senior Chief Engineer of Range Extender Development, Zhejiang Yuanhua Commercial Vehicle R&D Co., Ltd.

  • Deputy General Manager of Technology Center of Wanxiang Qianchao Co., Ltd.

  • Deputy Director of Platform Architecture of GAC Research Institute

  • Senior Manager, Mechanical Transmission, Xpeng Motors Research Institute

  • Motor Director, NIO Co., Ltd.

  • General Manager of Hangzhou Asia Pacific Elafee Power Technology Co., Ltd.

The agenda is subject to the on-site

2023 The 3rd Motor Materials and Manufacturing Equipment Exhibition

Parts & Materials

Permanent magnet materials NdFeB, ferrite, magnetic materials, soft magnetic composite materials, amorphous alloys, silicon steel sheets, stator core, rotor core, copper wire windings, spindle, rotating shaft, bearings, machine base, end cover, Motor housing, sensors, resolvers, electronic components, oil seals, electrical welding components, coils, commutators, brushes, commutators, molds, punching sheets, thermal protectors, engineering plastics, junction boxes, connectors, Insulating paper, insulating paint, insulating sleeves, lubricants, adhesives, sealants, resins, coatings, SIC devices, IGBT devices, wire harnesses.

Manufacturing Equipment

Paper inserting machine, embedding machine, forming equipment, inserting machine, binding machine, bending forming equipment, expanding equipment, twisting equipment, cutting machine, welding equipment, laser equipment, CAT, magnetic measuring instrument, online detector, machinery Inspection equipment, marking equipment, pressing equipment, testing equipment, potting equipment, grabbing equipment, machine vision, test benches, machining equipment, winding equipment, testing equipment, dipping equipment, tightening equipment, paint dripping equipment, Coating equipment, heating machine, leak detector, magnetic steel wire, injection molding machine, rotor stacking line, magnetizing equipment, armature detector, comprehensive motor performance tester, dynamic balancing machine, measuring instruments, dynamometer , insulation performance tester, 3D printing, cleaning equipment, oiling equipment, presses, belt conveyors, robots, and assembly lines.


//Conference guests//



//Previous cooperation//



//Review of Past Sessions//


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