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The 2nd Annual Conference on High Efficiency Motor Innovation Technology in 2023

Date:2023-07-23   Author:XINDA MOTOR
The 2nd Annual Conference on High Efficiency Motor Innovation Technology in 2023

2023 The second high-efficiency motor

Innovation Technology Annual Conference

The 3rd Motor Materials and Manufacturing Equipment Exhibition was held at the same time 

Summit background

Background to the summit

With the continuous improvement of the electrification level and penetration rate of the society, the motor has become the core power component in the industrial system. It has been widely used in more and more fields such as home appliances, automobiles, industry, transportation, aerospace, commerce, communication equipment, office automation equipment, environmental energy, etc.

Based on the background of the "dual carbon" goal, how to improve efficiency and speed has become the key to the research and development of the motor industry. At present, the development of high-efficiency motors has reached an urgent time. The introduction of new regulations on energy efficiency of related motors is also an important step in my country's emission reduction.

Summit Introduction

Conference Introduction

3 major sectors carry out activities

1 plenary session

3 Parallel Forums

1 annual awards ceremony

Conference Highlights

2000+ professional visitors, 800+ terminal enterprises

100+ conference guests, 80+ solutions

Unlimited business opportunities

summit framework

Conference frame


Check-in & move-in

plenary session


orientation dinner

Awards ceremony

2023 The 2nd High Efficiency Motor Innovation Technology Annual Conference


CHP2023 The 6th China New Energy Vehicle Flat Wire Motor Annual Conference

2023 High Speed Motor Innovation Technology Summit



Motor Materials and Manufacturing Equipment Exhibition

2023 China Motor Industry Chain Conference

——Plenary Assembly

Market Prospects and Related Policies Analysis of my country's Motor Industry

Interpretation of Motor Energy Efficiency Allowable Values and Energy Efficiency Grade Standards

How to balance motor product efficiency and production cost/power

Ways for machine companies to reduce costs

Market Opportunities for Home Appliance Motors under New Energy Efficiency Standards

and challenge

Key points of industrial motor selection and analysis of application scenarios

Development Status and Future Research Direction of Aeromotor

Development and application of clean energy motors

Development trend of drive motors for next-generation new energy vehicles

Digital Reform of Motor Manufacturing

round table

How to view the upsurge of my country's new energy vehicle brands competing to "go overseas"

1. What are the advantages of Chinese new energy vehicle brands in the international market?

2. What difficulties will cars face when going overseas?

3. How can parts manufacturers and material suppliers help when cars go overseas?

2023 The 2nd High Efficiency Motor Innovation Technology Annual Conference

Efficient motor development and design

Research progress of high-efficiency motor technology under the background of double carbon

High-efficiency and energy-saving motor industry development

High-efficiency new rare-earth-free reluctance motor

IE5 ultra-high efficiency and energy-saving motor design

Efficient Design Scheme of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

Development and design of high performance and low cost motor system

Efficient Motor Application and Manufacturing

Application of high-efficiency motors in aviation field

High-efficiency motors promote ship intelligence

Intelligent equipment helps improve the production capacity of high-efficiency motors

Bearing selection, assembly and lubrication scheme

High-efficiency motor materials and processes

Interpretation of the latest energy efficiency standards for high-efficiency motors

How to select high-performance cold-rolled non-oriented silicon steel

Application of Amorphous Materials in High Efficiency Motors

New challenges for high-efficiency motor electrical insulation / application of high thermal conductivity materials

Interpretation of advanced technology of high-efficiency and energy-saving motors


The scope of the exhibition

Parts & Materials

Copper wire, stator core, rotor core, copper wire winding, main shaft, shaft, bearing, machine base, end cover, motor housing, sensor, resolver, electronic components, oil seal, ferrite, NdFeB, insulating paper, insulating paint, insulating sleeve, lubricating oil, adhesive, sealant, magnetic material, etc.

Manufacturing Equipment

Inserting machine, inserting machine, forming equipment, inserting machine, binding machine, bending and forming equipment, flaring equipment, twisting equipment, cutting machine, welding equipment, laser equipment, CAT, magnetic measuring instrument, online detector, mechanical inspection equipment, marking equipment, testing equipment, potting equipment, grabbing equipment, machine vision, test bench, machining equipment, etc.

Previous Exhibitors

Past exhibitors

Review of previous sessions

Past on-site review