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Date:2023-10-07   Author:XINDA MOTOR

XD3D30 12V motor 24V small DC motor 30W gear reduction motor low speed forward and reverse micro speed regulation small motor

Power supply mode: DC
Voltage: 24V
Model: 3D30GN-24
Power: 30W
Voltage: 12V24V
Power supply type: DC motor
Speed: low speed motor

Rotating speed: 600 rpm/400 rpm/300 rpm/200 rpm/100 rpm/50 rpm/30 rpm/20 rpm/10 rpm

Motor dimension

Motor Parameter

Model number: 3D30GN-C

Motor type: DC reduction motor

Motor voltage: 12V/24V

Rotation speed: 10-1067rpm

Motor power: 30W

Current: 3.5A

Continuous working hour: 24h

Motor size: 70*142mm

Out shaft size: 10*30mm

Speed regulatable: Yes

Turning direction: clockwise/anti-clockwise

Weight: 1.5KG

Application range: Electric toy car, flying saucer bumper car, robot pulling yellow bag car, inflatable electric/bottle car, rocking car, massage equipment, water meter IC card, petroleum valves, automatic office all-in-one machine, paper shredder, automatic curtains, stage lighting, vending machine, medical equipment and so on.

Motor drawing

Motor characteristics data sheet

Note: directly connected with 12V/24V power supply for usage.

Motor Type Selection Criteria
What is the meaning of torque in the parameter table of motor?
The standard torque of the motor is 10KG.CM, assuming that it is driven by the pulley, the radius of the pulley is 1CM, and the output tension of the belt is 10KG.
If the radius of the pulley is 2CM, the belt output tension is 5KG, and so on! Common torque unit: 1N.M = 10KG.CM = 0.1KG.M

Motor picture

Motor wiring connection