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Date:2023-09-20   Author:XINDA MOTOR

5B120-24GU 120W DC brushless reduction motor 24V adjustable speed forward and reverse high torque low speed brushless reduction motor

Brand: XD
Model: 120W DC brushless reduction motor
Origin: Mainland China
Power supply mode: DC
Voltage: 24V
Voltage: DC 24V
Power: 120W
Features: Extra long life and durable
Attributes: Adjustable speed, forward and reverse, large torque

Output speed selection:

0-600 rpm
0-400 rpm
0-300 rpm
0-200 rpm
0-100 rpm
0-50   rpm
0-30 rpm
0-20 rpm
0-10 rpm
Other rpm

Package selection: 

Brushless reduction motor

motor + bracket

motor + bracket + controller

motor + bracket + controller + power supply

Brushless geared motor with high torque
10 rpm can drive 196KG

Motor package: Brushless reduction motor+power supply+brushless controller

High voltage brushless controller wiring diagram

Long life span of 30,000 hours of ultra operation
One brushless motor = 30 brushed motors

The parameter of electric motor model 5B120

Structure of 120W brushless reduction motor

Features of the 5B120 motor:

High quality materials
Pure copper coils
Low resistance
Strong conductivity, longer motor life
All-steel gears
1000°C high temperature treatment
Gear strength increased by 20 times
Roller bearings
Efficient and low noise operation

No brush wear No sparks Low interference

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Wide range of application
Wide range of use, from general family machines to production equipment automation in a variety of fields widely used, such as: electric toy cars, flying saucers bumper cars, robots, shaking cars, motor equipment, water meter IC card, oil valves, vending machines. Medical equipment electric safes, advertising light box channel gate and so on.

Motor package selectable: