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Date:2023-08-15   Author:XINDA MOTOR

Xinda 220v AC high-speed motor 2800 turn 25w transmission belt speed regulation asynchronous motor small motor

Brand: XD
Rotating speed:

2800 revolutions per minute
1400 revolutions per minute
Model: XD4lK25RA-C  / 4I/RK25A-C
Origin: Mainland China
Power mode: AC
Voltage: 220V

Operating speed: adjustable speed motor
Function type:: AC speed control motor
Number of power phases: single-phase motor
Power Type:: AC Motor

Motor dimension drawing

Motor 2D drawing and performance parameter chart

Speed Regulator is selectable for speed regulating on high speed motor

clockwise wire connection method

anti-clockwise wiring connection

Wide range of motors' applications, from general household tools to production equipment automation in a variety of fields, such as: electric sanders, lawnmowers, cutting machines, sweeping robots, engraving machines, winding machines, tape-cutting machines, centrifugal compressors, high-speed grinders, vacuum pumps, friction welders, sewage treatment and other equipment.