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What impact will automation and intelligent upgrades have on motor manufacturers?

Date:2023-07-29   Author:XINDA MOTOR

In the process of motor production manufacturing, whether it is an established motor manufacturer or a rising star of a motor manufacturer, equipment investment and later upgrades have become an essential choice for enterprise development. Through intelligent and automated equipment, products are guaranteed Quality and improvement of production efficiency are the only way for the development of enterprises, especially the continuous increase of labor costs and the pressure of competition in the motor market have played a role in fueling the investment in high-end equipment.

The content of the video I came across by chance once explained the current problem of excess business resources, manufacturing resources and financial capital in China; and motor products, as a typical manufacturing industry, naturally cannot escape the curse of excess manufacturing resources; then, As any motor manufacturer, including manufacturers of supporting materials and components related to motor products, it is closely related to changes in the motor market; while powerful companies are developing rapidly, some relatively weak companies without competitive advantages are destined to shrink or even disappear. , which naturally conforms to the law of survival of the fittest.

Taking the foundry industry directly related to motor products as an example, the traditional casting method has been gradually eliminated, replaced by high-quality and efficient horizontal and vertical lines, and of course the supporting lost foam casting technology.

In the process of motor production and processing, the input of intelligent equipment or production lines such as automatic winding machine, automatic wire inserting machine, automatic dipping and drying equipment, automatic aluminum casting machine, automatic iron core manufacturing equipment, automatic assembly line and automatic test line , greatly reducing the excessive dependence of enterprises on human resources, and also greatly reducing the labor input costs of enterprises. However, for some enterprises that are not large enough and not strong enough, it is naturally a serious impact, and the pattern of motor manufacturing enterprises is quietly changing.

With the acceleration of the internationalization process of Chinese manufacturing, the competition in the motor manufacturing market will be particularly fierce, and some companies that do not have advantages and development potential may withdraw from the stage of history in a short period of time.