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Marelli launches SiC 800V inverter

Date:2022-07-11   Author:XINDA MOTOR

It is reported that automotive supplier Marelli has launched a new 800V inverter with silicon carbide technology. The inverter may help electric vehicles achieve longer range, shorter charging time and better acceleration performance.

Razvan Panati, Head of Power Electronics Technology, Automotive Electrification at Marelli, said: "The new inverter platform is based on 800-volt silicon carbide power module technology and can serve applications that optimize energy consumption, improve performance and significantly increase efficiency, thanks to a complete modular solution solution, we can have more flexibility in packaging, cooling system design and energy storage.”

Marelli has demonstrated through the properties of silicon carbide, such as its excellent performance at high temperature and high voltage levels, that it can enable smaller, lighter and more efficient components. All new platforms can improve the efficiency of electric vehicles and thus increase the range of vehicles with the same battery power.