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Motor insulation material - insulating varnish plays the dual role of insulation reinforcement

Date:2022-07-05   Author:XINDA MOTOR

Insulating varnish is an important raw material . After the wire insertion and wiring process of the stator and rotor with winding iron cores are completed, the dipping and baking process is carried out to ensure that all the gaps of the windings are filled with insulating paint and form a solid whole.

In the process of insulation treatment of motor windings, insulating paint is a very critical insulating material. The viscosity and curing effect of paint are directly related to the processing technology and equipment of the winding manufacturer. key to the effect.

The general dipping and drying process includes the pre-baking, dipping and drying processes of the winding iron core. The equipment and process parameters involved in each process directly affect the final effect, so different manufacturers list this process as a key process and Critical Quality Control Points.

The function of pre-baking before dipping is to discharge the moisture in the winding as much as possible to ensure that the insulating paint can penetrate into every gap to the greatest extent during the dipping process. In order to ensure the dipping effect, the vacuum pressure equipment is large. The first choice of most motor manufacturers. However, another important factor to ensure the effect of the dipping paint is the matching of the viscosity of the insulating paint with the equipment and process.

How to ensure that the insulating varnish that has penetrated into the winding can be maintained and cured is the key to the control of the dip-baking process, and the mystery of the process parameters lies in this. In most cases, the dipping and drying of the winding are two independent processes. It is very important to connect the two processes quickly and well. Especially the control of the oven temperature is particularly important. The curing time of the insulating paint should be shortened as much as possible, which can effectively ensure the insulation effect of the winding.

When it comes to insulating varnish, enough varnish-based material can be filled inside the winding, which can effectively improve the heat dissipation condition of the winding. This is also one of the important measures for temperature rise control in the motor manufacturing process.

The insulation and curing effect of the motor windings determines the insulation performance of the windings on the one hand, and has a great influence on the temperature rise and vibration performance of the motor on the other hand. Different manufacturers of the same grade of insulating paint have different performance levels, and different motor manufacturers have different dipping and drying processes. In order to achieve ideal insulation and curing effects, the stability of the dipping and drying process is very important.

As an insulating varnish manufacturer, while paying attention to the performance parameters of the insulating varnish itself, more attention should be paid to the dipping and baking process of each user; while the motor manufacturer, to verify the effective and stable dipping and baking process, while strictly controlling the process parameters , it is not recommended to replace the insulating paint manufacturer frequently.

In the process of motor production and processing, in order to evaluate the effect of soaking and drying, the method of hanging paint amount or insulation resistance detection is generally used in the production process. For the evaluation method of the paint hanging amount, the fact of outsourcing caused by the excessive viscosity of the paint should be excluded. For the detection method of insulation resistance, its compliance can only be qualitatively evaluated, and it is difficult to evaluate the hanging paint amount for different windings. Comparative analysis.

For the verification of the quality of the motor soaking and drying, it is more about the actual running quality of the motor; and for the links that are not easy to evaluate in the process, it must rely on the guarantee of process parameters and strict quality control. And often the compliance and rationality of a process requires theoretical support and a lot of safety tracking and analysis.