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Development Trend of Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Motor Technology

Date:2022-06-20   Author:XINDA MOTOR

The development and application of rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor has expanded the application of permanent magnet synchronous motor in various industries. The most significant performance characteristics of rare earth permanent magnet motor are light weight, high performance, high efficiency and energy saving.

High-performance rare earth permanent magnet motors are the foundation of many new technologies and high-tech industries. Combined with power electronics technology and microelectronic control technology, it can manufacture various mechatronics products with excellent performance, such as CNC machine tools, machining centers, flexible production lines, robots, electric vehicles, high-performance household appliances, computers and so on. With the continuous development of rare earth permanent magnet motor technology, its industry gradually presents the following development trends!

1. Development towards high efficiency and energy saving

Rare earth permanent magnet motor is also a high-efficiency and energy-saving product. The average power saving rate is as high as 10%, and the special rare earth permanent magnet motor can be as high as 15% to 20%.

The energy saving of the motor is divided into two aspects. On the one hand, it is to reform the structure of asynchronous motors to improve efficiency and other performance. Asynchronous motors are widely used in various fields of industrial production due to their simple structure, low price, and adaptability to various working conditions. The second is the development of permanent magnet synchronous motor, which can achieve higher power saving effect.

The main way to improve the efficiency of motors abroad is to increase the amount of effective materials such as copper, aluminum and electrical steel plates through the optimal design of asynchronous motors to reduce winding loss and iron loss; use better magnetic materials and processes to reduce iron loss: Reasonable design of ventilation structure and selection of high-performance bearings to reduce mechanical losses; by improving design and technology to reduce stray losses, high-efficiency asynchronous motors have been developed abroad. According to my country's national conditions, high-performance rare earth permanent magnet materials have been industrialized, the output of NdFeB now ranks first in the world, and the price of NdFeB tends to be reasonable. Therefore, the development of permanent magnet synchronous motor is one of the development trends of motor industry technology in the new century.

2. Development towards mechatronics

To improve the level of traditional electromechanical products, we must firmly grasp the link of mechatronics. The basis for realizing mechatronics is to develop various high-performance rare earth permanent magnet motors for various mechatronics, such as servo motors for CNC machine tools and VCM voice coil motors for computers. A 60-tool machining center should be equipped with 30 servo motors. Variable frequency speed rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor and brushless DC motor are the basis of mechatronics.

3. Development towards high performance

Modern equipment puts forward various high-performance requirements to the motor industry , such as military equipment required to provide various high-performance signal motors, mobile power stations, servo systems and motors for automation equipment, and high-performance, high-reliability permanent magnets for aerospace applications. Motors, high-precision variable-frequency speed-regulating synchronous motors for chemical fiber equipment, high-speed-regulating rare-earth permanent magnet servo motors for CNC machine tools, machining centers, and robots, high-precision swing motors and spindle motors for computers, etc.

4. Development towards special motors

The loads driven by the motor are ever-changing. For example, if all general-purpose motors are used, in some cases, the technology and economy are very unreasonable. Therefore , foreign countries vigorously develop special motors, special motors account for about 80% of the total output , and general motors account for 20%. In my country, on the contrary, special motors only account for 20%, and general-purpose motors account for 80%. Special motors are specially designed according to different load characteristics, such as rare earth permanent magnet motors for oil pumping units, and the power saving rate is as high as 20%. The energy saving potential in this regard is great.

Motor workers should not only study the motor itself, but also study the characteristics of the driving load, and design rare earth permanent magnet motor products with advanced performance, reliable operation and reasonable price.

Five, to the direction of light development

Aerospace products, electric vehicles, CNC machine tools, computers, audio-visual products, medical equipment, portable opto-mechatronics products, etc., all impose strict requirements on motors with small size and light weight. Permanent magnet synchronous motor has been developed and applied in elevator technology because of its advantages of small size, energy saving, good control performance, easy to make low-speed direct drive, eliminating gear reduction device, and speed regulation through frequency changes. It is believed that with the development of electronic technology and control technology, rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor technology will develop and improve in the direction of high efficiency and energy saving, mechatronics, high performance, special motor, and light weight.