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How influential is Sony and Honda's joint efforts to create new energy

Date:2022-06-09   Author:XINDA MOTOR

Recently, through the media's exclusive interview with Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida, we learned that the cooperation between Sony and Honda has made new progress. Among them, there are not only the timetable for cooperation between the two parties, but also the specific division of labor for jointly building new energy vehicles, which undoubtedly makes consumers full of expectations for the two industry giants to build new cars.

The reason why it is said that the cooperation between Sony and Honda can set off waves in the field of new energy vehicle manufacturing largely depends on the integration advantages of industry characteristics, which determines the attractiveness of the new car to consumer groups. Specific to the strong alliance, it is not simply the cooperation between the giants, but the combination of just the right complementation and the leader in the development of the industry. Perhaps, the effect embodied in this way is not only the simple effect of one plus one is greater than two in new manufacturing; it is also a new idea for how giant companies coordinate innovation and manufacturing development.

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It should be said that the combination of Sony and Honda has just caught up with the constant exposure of the problems of new power car companies, and also caught up with the critical period when new manufacturing is facing where to go. Brings new opportunities! It is not only reflected in the critical period of high-quality development of new energy vehicles; but also through the expansion of the two giants' demand for innovation, the development style of new energy vehicles has been continuously raised, which may be the crucial place for this cooperation.

Why the combination of strengths of Sony and Honda is more in line with the market

Since March this year, when the two giants came together to build a new electric vehicle, the two sides have determined an overall strategy to combine their strengths. The two companies said in a statement that they will form a joint venture to develop and sell electric vehicles this year and aim to start selling the first model in 2025. The more specific performance of this move is that Sony will develop entertainment content such as in-vehicle software and movie music, while Honda will provide the vehicle's own hardware and safety features, as well as be responsible for producing the first model. From this, it is not difficult to see that the strengths of the two giants in reality are in line with people's expectations for their new manufacturing.

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In addition, it is worth noting that there is often a problem in the actual cooperation between car companies, which is the lack of the necessary combination of strengths and the expansion ability of advantageous technologies. Therefore, it is not difficult to draw the conclusion that if there is no combination of strengths, even if The combination of large car companies is just an accumulation of quantities. In addition to bringing about changes in sales, for breakthroughs in manufacturing and more brutal competition, it is naturally difficult to form an advantage without others.

Everyone knows that Honda's advantages in manufacturing hardware are obvious to all. Not only does it have the ability to lead the world in terms of basic technology; at the same time, in terms of traditional manufacturing, it also has a unique industry position, which makes the joint venture between Honda and Sony. , laying a very important foundation; on the other hand, Sony's software and hardware advantages, whether it is a household-known audio and video products, or the corresponding development capabilities and innovation methods, are all in the world's top manufacturing, which makes all aspects of future new car technology. , with promising performance. Therefore, such a combination of strengths and innovation capabilities will naturally bring more new ideas and new advantages to the new car.


How should domestic car companies learn from the cooperation between Sony and Honda?

When talking about the development after the joint venture between Sony and Honda, Kenichiro Yoshida did not shy away from the joint venture's plan to conduct an IPO. The degree of grasp of knowing oneself and knowing one another shows that the combination of Sony and Honda is extraordinary. To this end, Yoshida said, "We agree that in the long run, it is better to make the joint venture independent rather than place it under Sony or Honda."

From this, it can be seen that the cooperation between Sony and Honda is largely aimed at creating a newer auto company, rather than a development model of subsidiaries under the names of the two giants. At this time, it is precisely at the critical period when the new car companies are facing constant problems in the quality of new cars and the stock market performance is fluctuating. At the same time of confidence, it also makes those new manufacturers who used shortcuts to earn more eyeballs have to start to examine the importance of new energy vehicle brands.

Therefore, the high start of Sony and Honda this time is not only the renewal of manufacturing based on new manufacturing, but also the key to re-establishing the brand status in the field of new energy vehicles. After all, relying on a few cars to conquer the world and relying on the backs of technological giants to participate in competition is by no means a shortcut to develop new energy, nor is it the real needs of consumers! Therefore, the combination of Sony and Honda obviously has a very important enlightening effect on domestic automobiles and new manufacturing...!