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EU to back ban on petrol cars from 2035

Date:2022-06-09   Author:XINDA MOTOR

Recently, according to relevant media reports, the European Parliament voted to ban the sale of fuel vehicles in the EU from 2035. The plenary vote supported the legislative proposal put forward by the European Commission with 339 votes in favor, 249 votes against, and 24 abstentions. It will mark an important step in the EU's path to net zero carbon emissions.

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  It is reported that lawmakers in the European Parliament voted in recent days to support a proposal put forward by the European Commission in July last year, which called for a 100% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions from cars from 2035. The move is actually a disguised ban on the sale of models that use gasoline, diesel and even hybrid powertrains. Earlier, some members of the committee proposed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to 90%, but these calls were rejected.

  However, this proposal is only a vote to decide the contentious position of EU member states on the ban on the sale of fuel vehicles, and does not mean that the ban on the sale of fuel vehicles in 2035 will become a formal legal clause. According to the current development of the automobile market, in fact, regardless of any legislation implemented by the EU, many car manufacturers, including Ford, Volvo, Audi, Jaguar and other brands, actually have plans to stop selling internal combustion engine models before 2035.