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How to use gear reducer with micro DC motor

Date:2024-01-08   Author:XINDA MOTOR

The gear reducer can reduce the high speed of the micro DC motor and increase the output torque. So how does the gear reducer match the micro DC motor? Below, Xinda Motor briefly explains the precautions for matching gear reducers with micro DC motors.

  When matching a gear reducer with a micro DC motor, four factors such as torque, speed ratio, accuracy and specifications need to be considered.

  1. Torque: The rated torque of the gear reducer needs to be greater than or equal to the rated torque of the micro DC motor multiplied by the reduction ratio. For example, the rated torque of the micro motor is 3N.M and the reduction ratio is 298, then the rated torque of the selected reducer is greater than 3×298=894N.M.

  2. Speed ratio: the transmission ratio of the gear reduction device. The input speed of the micromotor is divided by the output speed of the gear reducer to get the reduction ratio. For example, if the micromotor is 13500 rpm and the final output speed is 300 rpm, then 13500÷300=45, deceleration The ratio is i=45:1.

  3. Accuracy: The return clearance of the gear reducer is based on the specific work requirements. The output end is fixed and the input end is rotated clockwise and counterclockwise. When the output end generates a rated torque of ±2%, the input end of the gear reducer will have a slight angular displacement. , this angular displacement is the return clearance, the unit is minutes, which is one-sixtieth of one degree.

  4. Specifications: The size of the gear of the reducer and the motor must be similar. The diameter specification of the micro reduction motor is about 3mm~38mm.

  In addition, the type of drive motor needs to be considered. Common drive motors include micro DC motors, stepper motors, coreless motors, etc. Different micro motors have different torques. Some reducers cannot withstand too much input torque. Then a smaller micromotor is needed, and the output torque of different types of motors with the same power will also be different. The power, voltage, and speed of the micro DC motor also need to be noted.

The above are the precautions for matching micro DC motors with wheel reducers. For more information about micro DC motors, please continue to pay attention to Xinda Motor.