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How to quickly repair oil leakage in speed-adjustable reduction motor (Part 1)

Date:2023-11-30   Author:XINDA MOTOR

Speed-adjustable reduction motors are equipment widely used in industrial enterprises. Once oil leaks, it will not only cause economic losses. Severe oil leakage will cause the speed-adjustable reduction motor to run out of oil or cut off oil, which will intensify the wear of the gear meshing surface, leading to seizure or welding. peeling off, causing equipment accidents. Moreover, oil leakage seriously pollutes the surrounding environment and has a corrosive effect on the foundation. This not only destroys civilized production but also wastes a lot of lubricating oil that could be recovered and regenerated.


1. Analysis of the causes of oil leakage in speed-adjustable reduction motors


1.1 The pressure in the fuel tank increases


In a closed speed-adjustable reduction motor, each pair of gears meshes and generates heat due to friction. According to Boyle's Law, as the running time increases, the temperature inside the speed-adjustable reduction motor box gradually increases. The volume inside the speed-adjustable reducer motor box remains unchanged, so the pressure inside the box increases accordingly, and the lubricating oil in the box is splashed and sprinkled on the inner wall of the speed-adjustable reducer motor box. Since the permeability of oil is relatively strong, under the pressure inside the tank, oil will seep out wherever the seal is not tight.


1.2 The unreasonable structural design of the speed-adjustable reduction motor causes oil leakage


If the speed-adjustable reduction motor is designed without a ventilation cover, the speed-adjustable reduction motor cannot achieve pressure equalization, causing the pressure in the box to become higher and higher, resulting in oil leakage.


1.3 Too much oil


During the operation of the speed-adjustable reduction motor, the oil pool is stirred very much, and the lubricating oil splashes everywhere in the machine. If the amount of oil is too much, a large amount of lubricating oil will accumulate in the shaft seal, joint surface, etc., causing leakage.


1.4 Improper maintenance process


During equipment maintenance, oil leakage may also occur due to incomplete removal of dirt on the joint surface, improper selection of sealant, reverse installation of seals, failure to replace seals in time, etc.


2. Countermeasures to control oil leakage of speed-adjustable reduction motors


First of all, we must pay attention to it ideologically, which is the prerequisite for doing a good job in preventing leakage. The following introduces the principles and methods to prevent oil leakage.


2.1 Pressure equalization


Oil leakage from the speed-adjustable reduction motor is mainly caused by the increase in pressure inside the box. Therefore, the speed-adjustable reduction motor should be equipped with a corresponding ventilation cover to achieve pressure equalization. The ventilation hood should not be too small. A simpler way to check is to open the upper cover of the ventilation hood. After the speed-adjustable reduction motor has been running continuously at high speed for five minutes, touch the vent with your hand. If you feel a large pressure difference, it means that the ventilation hood is small and you should Enlarge or raise the vent hood.