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Application areas and technical parameters of micro brushless DC motors

Date:2023-11-30   Author:XINDA MOTOR

 Micro brushless DC motor is an applied speed reduction device with a power of less than 50W, a working voltage of less than 24V, and a small power reducer with a diameter of less than 37 mm. The main structure consists of a transmission brushless DC motor . , reduction gearbox (reducer) is assembled, with the functions of connection, transmission system, speed reduction, and torsion improvement; in order to better apply micro brushless DC motors in various industrial equipment fields, customized technical parameter services are usually used. For example, technical parameters such as the output speed, power, voltage, and diameter specifications of the transmission brushless motor, and technical parameters such as the transmission reduction ratio, output torque, gearbox structure, rotation accuracy, transmission noise, service life, and maintenance of the reduction gearbox are customized and developed. Shenzhen Wanzhida Motor specializes in R&D, design, and manufacturing of micro brushless DC motor services, and provides customized development services.

       Micro brushless DC motor technical parameters :
       Voltage range: 3V-24V
       Power range: 0.5W-50W
       Reduction ratio range: 5-1500
       Torque range: 1gf-cm to 50kgf-cm
       Diameter range: 3.4mm-38mm
       Output speed: 5- 2000rpm
       Rotation accuracy: Customizable
       Transmission noise: Customizable
       Gear material: Metal (powder metallurgy, machining), plastic (customizable)

       Product usage:
       Micro brushless DC motors are mainly used in electronic products, smart home transmission, smart transmission equipment, Home intelligent audio and video equipment, automobile transmission, robot transmission, intelligent digital camera transmission, industrial automation equipment, antenna ESC transmission, robot transmission, household appliance transmission, worker care tool transmission, massage and health care equipment transmission and other fields.