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Automotive deflection & rotating screen drive solutions

Date:2023-11-29   Author:XINDA MOTOR

With the development of the economy, our time is getting better and better, and cars have become an indispensable means of transportation for every household in our country. As people's living standards continue to improve, ordinary car cockpits can no longer meet existing needs. Under the current development trend, artificial intelligence (AI) has gradually replaced the original radios and CD players in car cockpits. However, when driving, people may find that due to the internal space of the cockpit and the angle of the smart screen, the experience of using the smart screen is poor.

In order to solve the above problems, Xinda Motor has conducted cooperative research with automobile manufacturers and automobile smart screen suppliers, and launched a driving solution for automobile yaw and rotation screens:

First of all, Xinda uses micro DC motor, parallel transmission and worm gear transmission technology to realize the rotation and deflection of the screen in the car. This transmission system is optimized for smooth operation and low noise, making the driving process more comfortable. At the same time, the system not only supports manual adjustment functions, but also has anti-pinch features to protect user safety without causing damage to its own structure and hardware. Xinda Motor's automotive screen drive system can operate independently or be combined with other systems to meet the functional needs of different customers.

This innovative technology brings an intelligent and personalized experience to the use of smart screens in cars. Through these optimization measures, a better car riding experience can be provided, allowing people to experience higher comfort and convenience when using smart screens.

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