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Smart electric sofa with XD reduction motor application

Date:2023-11-28   Author:XINDA MOTOR

Intelligence and technology have become the future trend of intelligent development in the home industry. In this regard, Haite Company provides sofa customization manufacturers with solutions to improve the intelligence of electric sofa drives. At present, the home furnishing market is becoming more and more intelligent; sofas are also becoming more and more intelligent, and smart sofas bring many benefits.

It can provide personalized comfort experience. The smart sofa can automatically adjust the seat angle, support strength and massage function according to the user's preferences to provide the most suitable sitting posture and comfort for the user. Smart sofas have intelligent control functions that can be controlled through mobile applications or voice commands. Users can adjust various settings of the sofa, such as temperature, lighting and music, etc., bringing users a more convenient and comfortable life experience and improving the quality of home life.

Xinda provides a sofa reducer push rod drive solution for this purpose. Through the drive of the reducer, an intelligent retractable sofa foot rest device is realized. This solution uses a reducer and screw drive to drive the push rod to realize the intelligent telescopic function of the sofa footrest. The telescopic rod at the footrest of the sofa can only telescope, not rotate. By changing the positive and negative poles of the motor, you can change the telescopic direction of the rod and easily realize the retracting and unfolding of the smart electric sofa.

Benefit from the high speed and stability of 5G network and the maturity of IoT technology. The era of Internet of Everything is entering our daily lives. The smart electric sofa gearbox solution is not only suitable for household products such as sofas, beds, and massage chairs, but can also be applied to electric doors and windows, smart seats, smart skylights and other fields of new energy vehicles.

Xinda motor product applications are not only in home furnishings such as smart sofas, but also in fields such as medical industry equipment and industrial automation. There are also a wide range of motor product types, including all-metal planetary reducers, micro servo motors and voice coil motors for users to choose from. .

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