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What are internal rotor motors and external rotor motors? What are the differences?

Date:2023-11-27   Author:XINDA MOTOR

Many friends often hear about inner-rotor motors and outer-rotor motors, and have always been curious. What are the differences between the two? What are the differences in working principles and functions? Let Nuoyuan give you a brief introduction! Hope this helps everyone!


external rotor motor

The inner rotor is mainly a rotating body supported by inner bearings, and the outer rotor is an outer rotating body supported by bearings. Both adopt rigid connections or additional shafts. The working principle of the rotor is that in an asynchronous motor, the rotor composed of closed conductors produces high-speed rotational motion and is driven by the rotating magnetic field generated by the stator winding.

The center of the motor is the outer rotor, which is mainly used to maintain magnetic balance. Although the outer rotor motor and the inner rotor motor look the same, their actual functions are different.

1. The difference between the inner rotor and the outer rotor lies in their rotation position, one rotates inward and the other rotates outward;

2. The outer rotor motor is easy to maintain and has better heat dissipation, while the inner rotor motor is more difficult to repair;

3. The rotational inertia of the outer rotor motor is greater than The inner rotor motor has the characteristics of high torque and low torque, while the outer rotor motor is just the opposite;

4. The inner rotor is often used in power machinery, such as electric motors, generators, gas turbines, compressors, etc., while the outer rotor is usually installed on the impeller. Inside, the cooling effect is good.

inner rotor motor

The above is an introduction to external rotor motors and internal rotor motors, as well as the differences between their working principles and functions. In fact, no matter what kind of motor, they are important power equipment in industry. During the application process, attention should be paid to their maintenance and upkeep to ensure Its functioning normally.