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Date:2023-11-07   Author:XINDA MOTOR

120W worm gear reduction motor 220v AC speed regulating motor high torque forward and reverse motor small motor

Motor code: 



Motor Parameter:

Motor name: AC two poles motor

Speed ratio: 5-80K

Current: 0.7A

Voltage: AC220V,

Weight: 6.12KG

Motor size: 90*153mm

Outgoing shaft diameter:14mm/18mm 

Speed adjustable

Turning direction: reversible (forward and backward)

Rotating speed:
18 revolutions per minute
28 revolutions per minute
35 revolutions per minute
46 revolutions per minute
56 revolutions per minute
70 revolutions per minute
90 revolutions per minute
140 revolutions per minute
180 revolutions per minute
280 revolutions per minute

Shaft output method: Single output shaft/Double output shaft/without shaft


Our AC reduction motor advantage:

Stable performance
Large torque
small volumn 
Can be reversed
Adjustable speed

The two models are the same except for the size of the worm gear reducer and the diameter of the output shaft.

Gearbox dimension

Motor dimension

Application range of the motor: Bank note binding machines, magnetic steel slicers, postal and telecommunications equipment, medical instruments, instruments, textile equipment, automatic door locks, robots, automatic paper towel machines, massagers, self-contained valves and other automated machinery and equipment

Motor drawing and data sheet - 120W/NMRV-30

Motor drawing and data sheet - 120W/NMRV-40

15 years of professional motor research and development team at your service

Instructions for use: directly connect to AC 220V power supply

About customization: the customization cycle is 5-15 days and fast delivery. The company has a strong development team and professional technical support. For customization, please consult customer service and contact technical personnel to provide drawings or samples. After confirming customization, pay a deposit for proofing. The customer confirms the sample and produces bulk goods.
Remark: the product itself has no shaft, if you need to add a shaft, you need to add 30 yuan.

When you place an order, you will get an AC speed regulator as a gift.

Strict and attentive service in every detail to make your use more worry-free, all to optimize your use experience

5M120GNRV30220V 120W 0.7A worm gear
Silent motor
Worm gear reducer
pure copper coil
2200GS high quality magnetic tiles
One year warranty

Worm gear reducer
Made of high-quality aluminum alloy die-casting, with unique shape structure and self-locking function, it uses metal gears to run smoothly, ultra-quietly, and is durable.

Pure copper motor
The power output of the motor is like running water
The drip paint coating of 3 layers of high-density molecular paint effectively isolates dust and is resistant to high temperatures. Its lifespan is 10 times that of ordinary coatings.
SKT Experiment Endurance Test Conclusion

High quality magnetic tiles
There are two sector-shaped magnets built into the fuselage, which have the characteristics of high residual magnetism, high coercion, high magnetic energy product, and high performance to improve motor performance.

Silent motor
The 80-rpm motor has been tested with a volume of 50 decibels
The normal range of the motor can be provided from stock and customized services are provided.

While we pursue high sales, we also ensure the quality of our motors. We have always believed that quality is greater than price, and integrity comes first.