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AC Speed-adjustable reduction motor

Date:2023-10-12   Author:XINDA MOTOR
AC Speed-adjustable reduction motor

AC speed regulating motor 220v gear reduction motor motor micro adjustable speed 6/15/25/40/120W

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Reduction Ratio
3K (0-460 rpm) 5K (0-280 rpm) 15K (0-90 rpm) 25K (0-60 rpm) 50K (0-28 rpm) 75K (0-20 rpm) 120K (0-10 rpm) 200K (0-7 rpm) Single row of six needles-standard single row of six needles-positive and negative models

Brand: XD
Model: Speed-adjustable reduction motor
Origin: Mainland China
Power supply mode: AC
Classification: 6W motor, 15W motor, 25W motor, 40W motor, 60W motor, 90W motor, 120W motor, 200W motor, 6W motor + speed controller, 15W motor + speed controller, 25W motor + speed controller, 40W motor + speed controller, 60W motor + speed controller 90W Motor + speed regulator 120W motor + speed regulator 200W motor + speed regulator 6W speed regulator 15W speed regulator 25W speed regulator 40W speed regulator 60W speed regulator 90W speed regulator 120W speed regulator 200W speed regulator
Voltage: 220V
Model: AC Speed-adjustable reduction motor

Full copper coil alloy gears
Stable performance, longer life and durability
All copper coils
Large torque, stable performance, fast heat dissipation, life expectancy is 10 times longer than ordinary coils.
Alloy steel gears
Thicker gears
Longer life
Precision mechanism
High torque

Gearmotor Selection Parameters

Geared motor is composed of [motor] + [reducer], different speed ratios can be realized in different speed ranges, and their strength is also different.

Installation structure is different, selection is different, it is recommended to contact online customer service for you to recommend. The above range belongs to the light load safety speed range, that is, in this range, the motor can run for a long time light load safety speed range: full speed ~ 50% of the full speed heavy load safety speed range: full speed ~ 70% of the full speed speed reducer deceleration, the lower the speed, the greater the intensity. The higher the speed, the stronger the force when the speed controller regulates the speed.

6W motor XD2IK6RGN-C/2GN-200K

15W motor XD3IK15RGN-C/3GN-150K

25W motor XD4IK25RGN-C/4GN-3K

40W motor XD5IK40RGN-C/5GN-200K

60W motor XD5IK60RGN-C/5GN-3K

90W motor 5IK90RGN-CF/5GN-150K

120W motor XD5IK120RGN-C/5GN-150K

200W motor

370W motor XD6IK370RGU-CF/6GU-75K

400W motor XD7IK400RGU-CF/7GU-75K

Governor access to the motor
Motor and governor wiring:The two ends with stickers face up and access, that is considered complete.

Safety range of speed regulation
Q:Why the motor with a load after slowing down the speed can only be adjusted to a certain range?A:Because the motor is to reduce the speed by reducing the voltage, the voltage is reduced after the motor's torque will also become smaller, it is likely to be overloaded.
A: In addition, after the motor speed is slowed down, the cooling fan will also be slowed down, the cooling effect will be worse, at this time due to the increase in current and poor heat dissipation, the motor heating is serious and easy to make the stator coil insulation failure and short-circuit burner.

Small load: small load motor non-continuous long-duration work governor shall not be less than 50% of the speed regulation

Large load: Governor shall not be less than 70% of the regulated speed

Governor access to AC power: the two AC ports into the power cord, that is considered to be completed