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Causes and solutions of motor sweep

Date:2023-10-17   Author:XINDA MOTOR

During operation, once there is a problem with the machine sweeping the chamber, the motor will generally stop rotating, and in severe cases, the motor will burn out. Here we will introduce the causes of the motor sweeping the chamber, as well as the repair methods for common motor sweeping failures.

Causes of motor sweep

The most basic reason why a running motor has a problem of sweeping the chamber is that the motor rotor and stator are not concentric, resulting in a local gap in the motor that is too small, and friction occurs between the motor bearing and the casing. This is the main cause of the sweep failure.

Common causes of motor sweep are summarized as follows:

1. The motor bearings are seriously worn, or the bearings are damaged. During the operation of the motor, the bearings shake too much, and the problem of sweeping the chamber occurs.

2. The rotor shaft of the motor is severely bent. During the rotation process, it will rub against the casing, causing a sweep failure.

3. If the motor end cover is not installed properly, or the positioning pin is broken, and the motor end cover is installed off-center, the problem of sweeping the chamber will also occur.

4. Foreign matter in the gap between the stator and rotor of the motor is relatively rare, but if it occurs, it will cause the problem of motor sweeping.

Repair methods for motor sweep

What to do if you encounter a problem with the motor sweeping the chamber? Find out the cause of the motor sweeping the chamber, and then apply effective maintenance methods to solve the problem.

The phenomenon of bearing sleeve rotation can also cause motor sweep failure. In order to prevent the bearing sleeve from rotating sleeves without end covers, some motors install special steel sheets between the sleeves and end covers, and some have the bearings up and down (correct disassembly and assembly of bearings should Heating) or losing the anti-rotation steel sheet will cause the bearing sleeve to rotate.

For motors with bearing rotating sleeves, do not use the chiseling method to repair the motor bearings . Instead, use the gluing method to repair the motor bearings, which will have better results.

Suggestions: (1) Power

Metal glue for larger motors with higher speeds;

(2) Chlorine tincture glue is used for motors with small power and low speed.

Maintenance method: first clean the rotating sleeve, add grease , then apply glue, and then reinstall the motor. For serious rotary sleeves, where the gap between the inner ring of the bearing and the journal or the outer sleeve and the end cover is large, a metal sheet of appropriate thickness can be used to pad the gap. In order to ensure concentricity, the metal sheet should be made into a bevel, and appropriate glue should be applied to the motor bearing gap to return to normal.