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40 domestic and foreign flat wire stator production line manufacturers

Date:2023-10-16   Author:XINDA MOTOR
The following is a summary of 40 flat wire stator production line manufacturers for your reference. They are ranked in no particular order. You are welcome to add:

1. Ningbo Nida Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

The company was founded in 2010 and has 3 subsidiaries: Jiangsu Benge Automation Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Nord Intelligent Automation Technology Co., Ltd., Ningbo Haishu Nide International Trade Co., Ltd.; and 2 international partners: NIDE India, NIDE USA .

After years of development, NIDE has gradually accumulated a certain degree of influence and brand effect at home and abroad. The current products cover professional manufacturing of new energy motor stators and rotors, hairpin motors, rotor cast aluminum automatic lines, brushless motors, series motors , wheel hub motors, etc., which are used in new energy vehicles, household appliances, industrial motors, water pump motors, servo motors, etc. field. The company integrates R&D, production and sales, dedicated to serving customers at home and abroad, delivering value and achieving win-win results.

2. Bozhong Precision Technology Co., Ltd. 

Founded in 2006, Bozhong Precision has a R&D center and a production base of 400,000 square meters. It focuses on the field of industrial equipment manufacturing. Its business focuses on digitalization such as consumer electronics, new energy vehicles, semiconductors, key components, and smart warehousing and logistics. equipment field.

Bozhong Seiko was successfully listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board in 2021. In the same year, it entered the supply chain of new energy power battery companies such as CATL. In 2022, the company achieved major cooperation breakthroughs with customers such as Honeycomb Energy, and signed an agreement with the Turkish JS Company for a total amount of 800 million Yuan Renminbi Framework Purchase Agreement. After years of accumulation and development, Bozhong Seiko has grown into a technologically innovative enterprise focusing on the research and development, design, and production of intelligent manufacturing equipment and providing overall solution services for intelligent manufacturing.

The Automotive Automation Division of Bozhong Seiko was established in 2013. It is mainly dedicated to the fields of intelligent equipment for automobile electric drive systems, intelligent equipment for automotive electronics, and intelligent equipment for automobile structural parts.

In May of this year, Bozhong Precision reached a strategic cooperation with TECNOMATIC (hereinafter referred to as TM), an Italian flat wire motor manufacturing equipment company. As a professional flat wire motor manufacturing equipment manufacturer, TM specializes in the production of flat wire motors, alternators and complete sets of generators . Stator Winding Systems, TM specializes in manufacturing prototype equipment and test equipment for the complete winding process as well as stator and finished motor testing. Bozhong Seiko has combined with TM to introduce foreign mature and stable production design and reliable flat wire stator equipment R&D and manufacturing experience from the technical side.

3. Shaanxi Fast Songzheng Electric Drive Co., Ltd.

Shaanxi Fast Songzheng Electric Drive System Co., Ltd. was established in March 2021 and is located in Xixian New District, Shaanxi Province. The company is a high-tech enterprise that uses flat wire motors as its core technology and provides users with electric drive systems.

On September 26 this year, Fast Songzheng Company held a commissioning ceremony for China’s first high-power flat wire motor automated production line for commercial vehicles.

4. Shanghai Kelai Mechanical and Electrical Automation Engineering Co., Ltd.

Founded on May 30, 2003, it was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on March 14, 2017. The stock abbreviation is: Kelai Electromechanical, and the stock code is 603960. The company's registered capital is 263 million yuan. The company is an intelligent manufacturing system solution provider. It is deeply involved in the application of flexible automation equipment and industrial robot systems. It is committed to the research and development of core technologies for intelligent manufacturing equipment and robot system integration, and the production and sales of products. . The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system certification. Kelai Electromechanical is an excellent supplier to Bosch and United Electronics,Its flat wire motor production line has been shipped

5. Suzhou Hanchuan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Hanchuan Intelligent focuses on the fields of vehicle electrification and intelligence, providing automation equipment, core components and industrial software overall solutions and services to users in the automotive, new energy and other fields. The company is deeply involved in the industry, has insight into the needs of manufacturing upgrades, and continues to provide excellent and efficient overall intelligent manufacturing solutions and industry benchmark products to help customers improve productivity. It has a product line of flat wire motor stators.

6. Chengdu Huachuan Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

The company was founded in October 1966. In August 2001, Chengdu Huachuan Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. was established through debt-for-equity swap and restructuring. It is a nationally recognized enterprise technology center, a national technological innovation demonstration enterprise, and a high-tech enterprise. It is the prototype of automobile motors produced by Changan Company. The base, Ford Q1 supplier, Changan Automobile QCA2.0 supplier, and one of the top ten enterprises in China's automotive motor, electrical and electronics industry, currently has an annual production capacity of 10 million sets of automotive electrical equipment.

On July 7, 2023, Huachuan Denso’s third new energy flat wire stator production line successfully achieved PV sample production. Line 3 is a production line independently designed and built by Huachuan Denso. It uses a number of the company's independent innovative technologies, with an automation rate of 75% and a production efficiency that is 200% higher than Line 2. Since then, the company has had an annual production capacity of 300,000 flat wire drive motors, and has taken another solid step in its action plan to accelerate the electric drive business.

7. Zhixin Technology Co., Ltd.

On April 25, 2021, the company's fully automatic flat wire stator production line imported from Italian TECNOMATIC was officially installed in Park No. 2 of Dongfeng New Energy Automobile Industrial Park. This marks that Zhixin Technology Co., Ltd. has a highly intelligent flat wire stator production line. It has many international and domestic first-class mass production lines such as wire stators and electric drive assemblies.

8. Zhongke Motong (Changzhou) Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Founded on November 7, 2019, it focuses on developing overall solutions for new energy vehicle flat wire motors and thermal management intelligent equipment and provides intelligent production lines for core components, using flexible and standardized assembly and full-process data traceability. Advanced technologies such as third-generation AOI detection realize functions such as automated assembly, visual inspection, performance testing, packaging and palletizing, AGV logistics, smart warehousing, and MES.

Zhongke Motong is a national-level specialized new small giant enterprise focusing on the research and development of overall solutions for intelligent equipment in the new energy industry. The company has nearly 10 years of experience in intelligent manufacturing automation solutions. It aims to provide automated, informatized and intelligent production line solutions for the new energy industry. Owns Hairpin flat wire stator fully automatic production line and flat wire stator stand-alone equipment

9. Jiangsu Mingnayang Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.
An enterprise specializing in the R&D, production, and sales of complete sets of new energy drive motors, automobile starter motors, and generators. It can provide complete solutions for motor products from R&D to mass production.

The generator stator flat wire forming equipment produced by the company includes: generator stator flat wire forming machine, stator flat wire paper inserting machine, stator flat wire twisting machine, stator flat wire argon arc welding machine and other equipment. The stator flat wire forming machine is the first In one process, the equipment can automatically complete unloading, flat wire paint removal, wire feeding, chamfering and cutting, splitting and drawing forming, blanking and other work steps. It is an ideal equipment for flat wire generator stator processing.

10. Yueke Intelligent Manufacturing (Wuxi) Co., Ltd.
It is a professional flat wire stator intelligent manufacturing system solution provider. Its products and services cover flat wire stator product and manufacturing process development, flat wire stator sample trial production, fully automatic flat wire stator production line manufacturing, smart factory solutions, and electric drive rotors. and assembly line and other six major businesses.

The company can customize and develop fully automatic production equipment for flat wire motors according to customer needs. Proficient in the entire process of flat wire motor manufacturing, with extensive experience in laser or punching paint removal, copper wire forming equipment, twisting equipment, laser or TIG welding equipment, coating dripping equipment, performance testing and other processes, and can assist Customers complete motor winding design, manufacturability analysis, sample development, production support, etc.

11. Dalian Haosen Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
The company is a comprehensive intelligent equipment company. It is a domestic leader in powertrain fields such as automobile engine intelligent assembly lines and transmission intelligent assembly lines. In the field of new energy vehicles, the company is engaged in hybrid powertrain intelligent assembly lines and power lithium battery intelligent assembly lines. Major breakthroughs have been made in subdivisions such as production lines, hydrogen fuel cell intelligent production lines, and new energy vehicle drive motor intelligent production lines. The company has delivered more than 160 large-scale complete production line projects to customers.

The drive motor intelligent production line provided by the company can provide robot flexible unit technology, injection molding technology, dynamic balancing technology, magnetization technology, surface magnetic detection technology, riveting technology, welding technology, flat copper wire forming technology, winding technology, and wire embedding technology. , coating technology, paint dripping technology, dipping paint technology, electrical testing technology, etc., to fully meet the needs of customers in the industry.

The company has now received orders for drive motor intelligent production lines from well-known customers such as SAIC-GM, Volvo, Changan Ford, Honeycomb Transmission, and VINFAST (Vietnam).

12. Ruramat Automation Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
The company is a German company with a high reputation in the traditional auto parts and new energy three-in-one electric drive system assembly industries. Established a joint venture with Changsha Huarui Mechanical and Electrical Industrial Co., Ltd., dedicated to the continuous R&D and manufacturing of flat wire motor stator mass production lines.

The company's new energy flat wire motor stator automated production and testing line includes hairpin molding, hairpin pre-assembly into windings, hairpin assembly into the stator core, winding end expansion, winding twisting, and welding end flat ends. Welding end laser welding, AIO detection, electric heating paint dripping, coating, electrical performance testing and other core technologies.

The whole line integrates the development of robot systems, laser welding technology, RFID radio frequency identification technology, machine vision fuzzy recognition, robot crowd control collaboration and other technologies, and innovates flexible complete production line technology to realize system ordering, system feeding, automatic assembly and detection, automatic Intelligentization of multiple production links such as packaging. It can meet the automated production of the most complex hairpin stator currently on the market (8 layers, 800V oil cooling, with jumper layer + I-pin, Busbar leads three-phase wires from the corolla end)

13. Wuxi Pioneer Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.
It is a leading new energy equipment manufacturer and service provider, with its business covering eight major fields including lithium battery intelligent equipment, photovoltaic intelligent equipment, 3C intelligent equipment, intelligent logistics systems, automotive intelligent production lines, hydrogen energy intelligent equipment, laser precision processing, and machine vision.

Electric drive intelligent production line (covering stator line/rotor line/assembly line/test line, etc.). The average automation rate of the overall electric drive solution from stator and rotor assembly to the off-line production of finished electric drive products exceeds 85%.

In terms of process selection for drive motors, Pioneer Intelligent explored the industry's top flat wire motor manufacturing process and successfully developed Hairpin's third-generation wire forming technology, achieving technological leadership in one fell swoop. Combining the development of key processes such as flat wire stator production lines, rotor production lines, all-in-one electric drive system assembly, and EOL test benches, Pioneer Intelligent Iteratively launches overall solutions for new energy electric drive systems.

Leading Intelligence integrates cutting-edge technologies from multiple disciplines and applies them to the intelligent manufacturing of automobile electric drives, significantly improving the automation rate and yield rate of electric drive intelligent production lines. Especially in the flat wire stator assembly section, the assembly process is complex and the quality requirements are strict. The pilot electric drive equipment ensures the stable output of the final product through extremely high production line stability and precision control.

14. Suzhou Tianzhun Technology Co., Ltd.
It is committed to promoting the development of industrial digitalization and intelligence with leading technology and is committed to building an excellent visual equipment platform enterprise. Its main products include visual measurement equipment, visual inspection equipment, visual process equipment and intelligent driving solutions. TZN provides high-end equipment products such as visual measurement, inspection, and manufacturing processes for precision manufacturing industries such as consumer electronics, semiconductors, PCBs, photovoltaics, and new automobiles. It also provides domain controllers and edge computing products and solutions in the field of intelligent driving.

According to various sources on this public account, the company has established a new automotive division and is currently entering the field of flat wire motors, with some prototypes beginning to be debugged.
15. Changzhou Longnai Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.
It is a professional flat wire motor R&D and production enterprise, dedicated to the R&D, design and production of non-standard motor products and related process equipment.

Main business: design, manufacturing, processing and sales of non-standard permanent magnet synchronous motors; stator core and stator winding OEM processing; HAIR-PIN stator sample customization; HAIR-PIN stator OEM processing; HAIR-PIN flat wire motor equipment manufacturing .

16. Jiangsu Benge Automation Technology Co., Ltd.
The company has nine major categories and more than 80 products, covering induction motors, new energy drive motors, vehicle hub motors, water pump special motors and many other products. Coil winding series, insulation paper inserting machine series, stator wire inserting machine series, stator wire package binding series, stator shaping machine series, fully automatic winding production series, internal stator winding series, hub winding machine series, insulating paper molding Production series, integrated wire winding/embedding and expansion, aluminum casting machines, riveting machines, circlip machines and other motor-related peripheral equipment.

The company's production line case for new energy vehicle drive motor stators reflects the high degree of automation of the entire line and the adoption of advanced design solutions. The whole line integrates slot insulation paper, laser marking, winding and embedding integration, pre-shaping, placement of interphase insulation, star point welding, intermediate shaping, double-sided wire binding, final shaping, terminal welding, stator testing, NG repair, Stator offline function.

This flexible production line is a new stator production line that integrates intelligence, automation, and data. It has the characteristics of a complete line changeover time of less than or equal to 2 hours.

17. Changzhou Jinkang Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.
Jinkang Precision is the most important supplier of motor manufacturing equipment in China. The company's main products involve motor stator automated manufacturing equipment, covering household motors, industrial motors, water pump motors and new energy vehicle drive motors, among which industrial motors and new energy vehicle drives Motor manufacturing equipment has a high market share.   

With the rapid development of the new energy vehicle market, Jinkang Seiko has recently launched an ultra-high slot full rate random winding stator automatic production line and a card-issuing motor production line.

18. Jieyun Intelligent Equipment (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
Jieyun Intelligent was established in 2016 and focuses on intelligent manufacturing solutions for new energy vehicle electric drive systems.

We provide leading domestic and foreign automobile companies, motor manufacturers and auto parts groups with a complete set of process equipment from the most advanced flat wire stator armatures, synchronous/asynchronous rotors, to controllers, motors and electric drive assemblies.

The products serve well-known companies such as SAIC Passenger Cars, Shanghai General Motors, American General Motors, Shanghai Volkswagen, Huayu/Magna, FAW, Wuling Liuji and other well-known companies.

19. Kunshan Huizhi Motor Technology Co., Ltd.

Kunshan Huizhi Motor Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Kunshan Huizhi Automation Technology Co., Ltd.) was established in 2016 and is located in Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province. It is an enterprise mainly engaged in research and experimental development.

20. Shanghai Bondi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
Focusing on the industrial process development, automated production line design and testing equipment R&D and manufacturing of core components of new energy vehicle drive motors. Provide services to first-class OEMs and well-known motor drive system suppliers. The business content covers technical information, process development, prototype trial production, equipment customization, etc.

After independent research and development, we successfully manufactured a fully automatic 8-layer Hairpin motor stator mass production line, breaking the monopoly of overseas suppliers and filling the gap in this field in China.

21. Juli Automation Equipment (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd.
In terms of the order volume of flat wire motor automation production line equipment, Juli Automation is undoubtedly the largest supplier of flat wire motor equipment in China. Its customers include mainstream Tier 1 and automobile OEMs at home and abroad.

In 2017, China's first automated flat wire stator production line was put into production in Shanghai. The motors produced are installed in several pure electric (EV) and hybrid (HEV) new energy vehicles owned by SAIC Motor. At that time, Huayu Automotive Electric Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (note: hereafter referred to as "Huayu Electric", affiliated to SAIC Group), which independently developed flat wire motors, finally chose to manufacture starter motor rotors after inspecting domestic and foreign suppliers. Juli Automation, which has accumulated rich experience in card issuance manufacturing, customized its first flat wire motor stator automated production line. Just two months after the 2-layer flat wire motor mass production line was delivered to the customer, Juli Automation successfully developed a mass production line for the automatic production of 4-layer flat wire motors for Huayu Electric. According to feedback from the Huayu Electric site, the production line is currently running well and produces about 400 stator assembly products every day.

Subsequently, Juli Automation promptly developed an automatic mass production line for the stator assembly of 6-layer flat wire motors and 8-layer flat wire motors, and an automatic mass production line for stator paint dripping and coating.

Customers include electric drive companies such as Huayu Electric, LG, BorgWarner, Nidec, Honeycomb Transmission, Inbol, and Delta, as well as OEMs such as Geely and FAW-Hongqi.

22. Shandong Zhongji Equipment Co., Ltd.
In the field of automotive motors, the business scope includes the production of automotive motor stator windings , including automotive generators, new energy motors, etc. The automotive generator automatic production line can realize automatic transmission and automatic loading and unloading of the stator between equipment and processes, meeting the requirements of high slot full rate and high efficiency. Automated production of motor stators.

The new energy vehicle motor stator automatic production line can realize the parallel non-crossing winding and embedding of multi-strand enameled wires, keeping the enameled wires in a single arrangement in the embedding mold without crossing each other, and the winding effect is good. It has a high degree of automation and can meet the automated production of high-power density automotive stators.

23. Changsha Jiexiang Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Specializing in manufacturing non-standard equipment for automobile motors and electric vehicle motors.

The company has a number of high-tech projects with independent intellectual property rights. Among them, the CNC commutator brazing machine, automatic threading machine, flat wire off-line paint removal and molding machine, armature twisting commutator pressing machine, and armature closing machine developed by the company have filled the domestic market. Blank, the market share of its commutator spot welding machines, armature twisting machines, and paper inserting machines ranks first among its peers, and many of its products have won national-level outstanding new product titles.

24. Changsha Huarui Mechanical and Electrical Industrial Co., Ltd.
The company is a professional manufacturer of automation equipment for motor production (such as new energy vehicle drive motors, etc.) and has accumulated twenty years of scientific research and production experience.

There are more than 100 kinds of special automation equipment for motor production, which can be selected by motor manufacturers with different requirements (such as automobile motors, truck motors, military tank motors, aerospace, aviation motors, etc.).

In particular, complete sets of automated production equipment for new energy vehicle drive motors (flat wire issuance) and complete sets of stator winding automatic inlay production line equipment have been particularly favored by the industry, such as: SAIC Huayu Electric, Great Wall Motor Co., Ltd., BYD Automobile Industry Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Founder Motor Co., Ltd....etc.

25. Hunan Huanwei Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.
It has been committed to the R&D, design and manufacturing of intelligent motor manufacturing production lines (rotor component assembly line, stator component assembly line, motor assembly assembly line, etc.). Serving many of the world's top 100 auto parts companies. It can be customized according to the different needs of customers, and the entire structure adopts flexible structural units.

The company's fully automatic production line for the insulation treatment process (paint dripping + coating) of new energy vehicle drive motors has been successfully used by well-known companies such as Huayu Electric, Founder Motor, Great Wall Honeycomb Electric Drive, CRRC Motor, etc., and has won customers highly recognition.
26. Shenzhen Jinminjiang Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.
It is a leading domestic micro-motor automated production solution provider integrating R&D, production and sales.

 The company currently has more than 70 patented technologies, forming 40 mature models in 6 series including winding, welding, paper inserting, pressing, testing and shaping, and 67 mature models with stator, rotor, automatic and semi-automatic matching functions, completely It has the ability to develop and configure complete rotor and stator automatic production lines for first-line motor manufacturers.

27. Shenzhen Helix Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Helix Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. entered China's manufacturing industry in 2007 (1920s). Focus on the development and production of stand-alone automation equipment such as motor winding machines, spot welding machines, and finishing machines.

In 2008, the independently developed four-axis fully automatic winding machine successfully tested and obtained the domestic winding equipment certificate. Mass production was achieved in the same year, breaking the monopoly of foreign equipment. There are mature winding equipment such as rotor winding machine, stator inner winding machine, stator outer winding machine, skeleton winding machine, coil winding machine and magnetic winding machine. The stator external winding machine can realize automatic loading and unloading, winding, arranging, stripping paint wire and cutting wire.

28. Guangdong Liyuanxiang Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.
It is the world's first-tier leading company in lithium battery equipment and one of the advanced companies in the field of digital intelligent chemical plants. It is mainly engaged in the development, production and sales of intelligent equipment. It is a leading company in the new energy (lithium battery, photovoltaic, hydrogen energy) industry. Provide digital intelligent whole plant solutions.

Li Yuanheng's flat wire motor stator assembly line applies stator core loading, insulation paper insertion, hairpin molding assembly, hairpin neck expansion, hairpin twisting, hairpin welding, outlet end installation and welding, testing, dipping and other processes to fully realize Intelligent flexible production.

  • Line forming adopts CNC 2D + stamping forming, the cycle time is ≤5s/piece, and the cycle speed is at the forefront of the industry;

  • Expanded single-clamp cycle time ≤ 3S/piece, multi-axis parallel parameter adjustment, fully realizing flexible and intelligent production;

  • The twisted single-layer line is matched with independent servo power, parameterized adjustment, and high consistency;

  • The end of the flat wire is laser welded, the beat is ≤1S/point, and combined with visual positioning and detection, the detection is more accurate and the flexibility is higher.

29. Guangzhou Chuangzhi Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.
The company has a rotor/stator line and a three-in-one assembly line. It has core technologies and independent integration capabilities such as magnetic steel flexible insertion technology, magnetic steel injection molding, stator and rotor assembly technology, adaptive assembly technology, and online testing.
30. Tianjin Songzheng Electric Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd.
Everyone in the industry knows that it is the leader in domestic flat wire motors. Acquired by BorgWarner.

It is understood that Songzheng’s stator and rotor production lines are for its own use.

31. Suzhou Huichuan Technology Co., Ltd.
I won’t introduce much about Inovance here. This is the leader in domestic flat wire motors.

It is understood that the company's stator production line is currently mainly for its own use.

32. Fujian Yida Electric Drive Co., Ltd.
It is a "national high-tech enterprise" focusing on the research and development, production, sales and service of auto parts products. It owns two major brands: "Jindi" and "KPL Kepler". It is currently mainly engaged in new energy drive motors and starters. , generators, air horns and other product lines and their parts.

Yida's drive motor production line has a total investment of 60 million yuan. It currently has one stator production line and two drive motor assembly lines, with an annual production capacity of 150,000 units. All equipment and tooling in this production line are independently developed, designed and manufactured, and the degree of automation has reached Leading level in the domestic industry.

It is understood that the stator production line is made by ourselves and is used by ourselves.

33. Jingjin Electric Technology Co., Ltd.
It is a global leader in the field of electric drive for new energy vehicles. The company is positioned in the mid- to high-end market and develops and supplies advanced electric drive core components, assemblies and systems for global customers. Its products cover passenger cars and commercial vehicles. The company has advanced and comprehensive technology research and development capabilities in drive motors, power electronics, automotive transmission, software control and system integration.

Jingjin Electric’s stators are mainly used for its own motor products.

Jingjin Electric’s new smart factory in Shanghai base adopts the world’s top fully automatic stator production line (Elmotec, Germany), fully automatic rotor production line and fully automatic machining production line.

It is an Italian brand.

TECNOMATIC is the world's largest manufacturer of hairpin motor automatic assembly lines. Since 1973, it has been producing automated assembly lines and R&D of special machines for the automotive industry.

TECNOMATIC's history of success has made it a leading manufacturer of assembly/test lines as well as component production lines, especially for flat conductor stators. Its engineering, production, sales and after-sales support departments are located around the world, and continuous in-depth research allows TECNOMATIC to gradually try new technologies with the emergence of Industry 4.0.

35. ATOP
It is an enterprise specializing in design, manufacturing, sales and service. It is part of the IMA Group, a leading company in the motor stator and rotor automated winding equipment industry.

By developing highly customized technical solutions, ATOP can meet any specific requirement: from laboratory machines to complete automated production lines. And with its more than forty years of experience accumulation, it designs and manufactures winding machines with flywheel winding, horizontal and vertical needles, single-station and multi-station technology, monopole, hairpin creation and Insert technology to stand out in the industry.

Maximizing the stator cavity, the motor's stator can be precisely formed by ATOP machines with hairpin technology. Filling with more compact motors for higher power and thus better cooling of the motor itself, process visibility during assembly so that the overall quality of the realized product is reliable, and ultimately the possibility to rely entirely on automation for all manufacturing processes From stand-alone machines to fully automatic production lines.

36. Aumann
The company was founded in 1936 as a manufacturer of winding machines, assembly machines, automation products, winding machines and automatic assembly machines. After several generations of efforts, Aumann has become a world leader in coil winding, wire painting technology and automation. One of the leading manufacturers, they are therefore the absolute only supplier in the world with the know-how and experience in wire production to assemble the final product.

Advanced pulses, precision work and development make Aumann an international customer base. Because they effectively combine the knowledge of the three major business segments, they have opened up decisive advantages: effective innovation and effective strategic combination. Their main products are winding machines, assembly machines, etc.

37. Miba Company
It is a major strategic partner and parts supplier for the international engine industry and automobile manufacturing industry. Founded in Lakirchen, Upper Austria in 1927, with the continuous development of Miba Group, it has established 22 factories in 11 countries around the world.

Miba products can be found in cars, trucks, construction machinery, trains, ships, airplanes and power plants. Miba is committed to its main business areas such as powder metallurgy, sliding bearings (bearings), friction materials and high-tech coatings. In addition, Miba produces high-energy resistance parts such as resistors and cooling systems that are used in power transmission systems or other fields.

Miba Group's stator winding equipment has received consistent praise in the industry.

38. GROB Group
It is a world-renowned supplier of automotive intelligent manufacturing equipment. GROB's products cover everything from general machining centers to highly flexible and highly automated production systems, from assembly units in mechanical processing to fully automated assembly lines.

Against the background of nearly a century of experience in manufacturing efficient production and assembly systems, and after years of R&D investment in the field of electric vehicles, GROB has now established a competitive advantage in the global electric drive system market. A Hairpin stator prototype system located in the Electric Vehicle Technology Application Center in Dalian has been put into use. The system consists of cutting, laser stripping, bending, inserting insulation paper, press-fitting, expansion and twisting of the outlet end, flattening of the outlet end, and welding. It is composed of multiple workstations such as , electrical performance testing, stator paint dripping, etc., to complete the assembly line of the motor stator.

GROB offers a wide range of products for the production of Hairpin stators of various sizes. The innovative bending concept creates great flexibility and diversity, eliminating the need to change tooling for the same batch of processing and meeting mass production.

39. Felsomat ((Felsomat)
Originated from Germany. In view of the current characteristics of new energy vehicle motor production, the flat wire motor stator flexible production line eFlexline was specially developed.

The production of the stator requires particularly high manufacturing processes and capabilities, with a large number of individual production steps. It is the most expensive component of the electric motor, accounting for 35% of the total cost. Felsomat has developed several production lines for the production of stators and rotors. At the same time, it analyzed the motor assembly and designed a flexible manufacturing system based on Felsomat's mature assembly technology and modular, automated products.

Felsomat's wholly-owned Chinese company in China is fully equipped to customize mid-to-high-end intelligent and efficient automation solutions, laser welding automated production line systems, and new energy motor stator and rotor flexible production systems according to customers' production process requirements.

40. NITTOKU Company
It is a Japanese-funded enterprise specializing in the manufacturing of coil winding machines and peripheral machines. Its subsidiary in China is Rite Mechanical Engineering (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

Products include: development, manufacturing, sales and maintenance of winding machines, winding and feeding machines and their peripheral equipment. It accounts for 38% of the world's coil industry and 46% of its sales in the automotive field.

In terms of products for automobiles, in addition to EV motors, sales of electronic components such as cameras and sensors have also maintained a strong momentum. The demand for contactless IC cards in the RFID business is growing strongly.