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144V high speed vector control ev motor controller


  • Product Details
Brand Name: XINDA
Model Number:XD-MC-7.5KW144V
Application:Electric Vehicle,Electric Ship,and more
Input voltage:144V
Available voltage:3 phase ac motor voltage
Rated output current:52A (Max 250A)
Max power output:30KW
Max output frequency:300Hz
Protection class:waterproof,more than IP65
Certification:certificated as your local authority request
warranty:1 year

Product name:144V high speed vector control ev motor controller


(1)The controller adopts the German DSP, an international mainstream digital drive as a core control chip, which helps to build a good platform for motor control algorithm. 
(2)By using the high power MOSFET tube for power device, it can realize the efficient energy conversion. 
(3)Multiple safety protection for CAN interface and safety certification management of lithium battery BMS. 
(4)Support short circuit protection (phase - ground, phase - phase, phase - source) , overload, over temperature, over voltage protection. 
(5)A reliable & flexible regenerative brake technology can improve the driving mileage, and meet the needs of customer. 
(6)Using micro-motion technology & slow descent and hill-holding technology for steep slope, more powerful climbing ability, stable hill-holding, stronger start-up. 
(7)Adopt excellent optimization algorithm & frequency 0 to 300 HZ, to reduce noise and vibration amplitude. 
(8)Perfect fault protection function, the buzzer reminds all kinds of faults, it’s convenient maintenance. 
(9)Adopts CAN-bus technology to reduce wiring connected, the parameter can be adjusted and it’s programmable online. 
(10)Adopts compatible design to make the volume smaller and the weight lighter. 
(11)Simplify the installation and debugging steps. 
(12)High reliability, low maintenance cost. 
(13)Parameters or software could be customized as customer’s requirement. 

Products Description
AC Motor Controller MC-7.5KW-14425
XINDA MC series AC controller is a driver developed for AC electric vehicles in low voltage. As the drive equipment of high reliability and large torque asynchronous motor, designed with four quadrants vector control method, it can control the motor speed & torque precisely. It is widely used in pure electric passenger car, low-speed A00 class passenger car, electric sightseeing vehicle, electric logistic vehicle, etc.

Input (DC/V)
Max current output (AC/A)
Rated current output (AC/A)
Max power output (KW)
Max frequency output (Hz)
Working environment temperature (℃)
-30℃ ~ 55℃
Storage environment temperature (℃)
-40℃ ~ 70℃
Insulated performance
Input & output DC2100V to the
casing, the leaking current is 2.1mA, insulated resistance
Controller efficiency
Cooling method
Naturel cooling/Air cooling
Vibration standard
Control method
Vector control
Communication method
IP class
Weight (Kg)
Motor Type
AC Asynchronous motor
*It's the absolute maximum value in table,which could be adjusted according to the exact request of the customer
Details Images
Circuit diagram
Common associations with controllers
Our controllers are widely used in electric passenger cars, electric golf carts, electric sweepers, electric trucks, electric forklifts, electric pallet trucks, electric mobile scissor lifts, electric sightseeing cars, electric logistics vehicles and other electric vehicles.

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