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Zibo Depuda creates a strong "heart" for new energy vehicles

Date:2023-09-29   Author:XINDA MOTOR

Casting a strong “heart” for new energy vehicles

In Zibo High-tech Zone, there is such a high-tech enterprise - Shandong Depuda Motor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Depuda Motor). It has successively won the fourth batch of national-level specialized and special new "little giant" enterprises, Shandong Province The hidden champion of small and medium-sized enterprises, Gazelle Enterprise, the performance of its new energy vehicle drive motor system is leading in the country, and its maximum efficiency point is 1.5 percentage points higher than that of the same industry. In July this year, Depuda Motor celebrated its 15th anniversary.

Have a unique vision and start a business overseas to seize the opportunity

Walking into the Depuda Motor Hall, there are two blue slogans written on the wall, one is "Keep the energy consumption of the motor to a minimum" and the other is "To be the first brand of light new energy vehicle power systems". Wang Fujie, chairman of Depuda Motor, who has a background in technology research and development, has taken this as his goal and vision to delve deeply into the field of drive motors. As a traditional industry, electric motors have fierce market competition, making it doubly difficult to stand out. Depuda Motor bucked the trend and became a leader in the drive motor industry in just 15 years.

When he founded Depuda Motor, Wang Fujie chose the green and environmentally friendly electric vehicle drive motor industry, laying a solid foundation for Depuda Motor's future industrial layout. In 1983, Wang Fujie, who graduated from the mechanical major, engaged in technical work in the third branch of Boshan Electric Machinery Factory. In 1993, he joined the Boshan Electric Machinery Factory and became a professional manager of a township enterprise in 1995. More than 20 years of innovative research on motor structures have given Wang Fujie a new understanding of this industry. In 2008, Wang Fujie founded Depuda Motor, specializing in the R&D, production and sales of electric vehicle drive motors, and officially settled in the Entrepreneurship Center of Zibo High-tech Zone. In accordance with the national electric vehicle development strategy and the Shandong Province electric vehicle development plan, Depuda Motor has formulated and improved DC motor and AC motor product series, technical specifications and after-sales service standards, and formulated permanent magnet synchronous motors and high-efficiency variable frequency reduction motors for electric vehicles. , the development plan of switched reluctance motors to meet the needs of supporting traction motors for the development of electric vehicles.

The 2022 "White Paper on the Development of China's New Energy Automotive Parts" shows that Depuda Motor ranked tenth in the new energy and three electric industry chain industries in 2021, becoming the first company to be successfully listed on the "New OTC Market" in the electric vehicle drive motor industry. Technology enterprise.

Technology helps motor R&D increase speed and improve efficiency

In Wang Fujie's office, motor components and related technical information are placed on the coffee table. During the interview, technicians knocked on the door from time to time to report various data on the test motor. "The motor and electric drive system determine the performance and safety of new energy vehicles and are the 'heart' of new energy vehicles. Only through continuous innovation and iteration can this 'heart' become stronger." Wang Fujie said, Depuda Motor and Xi'an Micro Motor Research Institute jointly established Zibo Xi Micro - Depuda Motor Research Institute to jointly design and develop permanent magnet synchronous motors. In 2016, Depuda Motor hired Academician Tang Renyuan and his research team, who created the theoretical research system and development technology of rare earth permanent magnet motors, to establish a new energy vehicle drive motor academician workstation to jointly develop key technologies such as anti-loss of excitation and permanent magnet magnetic circuit design. Seeking breakthroughs.

Wang Fujie attaches great importance to independent innovation and is good at leveraging the advantages of industry, academia and research to carry out innovative cooperation and produce the effect of "1+1>2". According to reports, Depuda Motor participated in the formulation of 8 national and industry standards including the "General Technical Conditions for Permanent Magnet Brushless Motor Systems". It has successively undertaken 12 National Innovation Fund, National Torch Plan and provincial and municipal science and technology innovation projects. It has 39 intellectual property rights, including 7 invention patents, 31 utility model patents and 1 trademark right. There are a total of 6 patented technologies being applied for. All are invention patents. The national standards "TYCP Series Variable Speed Adjustable Permanent Magnet Reluctance Three-Phase Synchronous Motor Technical Conditions and Energy Efficiency Classification" and "Switched Reluctance Motor Energy Efficiency Limit Values and Energy Efficiency Classification" are being drafted.

On April 23 this year, at the scientific and technological achievements appraisal meeting of the "High Power Density Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor and Control System" project for electric vehicles developed by Depuda Motor, the evaluation opinions of committee members and experts showed that the project results ranked first among domestic electric vehicle brands. It has been applied and achieved significant social and economic benefits. Not only that, the smart adaptive electric drive system for electric vehicles jointly developed by Depuda Motor and Southwest University has filled the gap in my country's automotive automatic transmission industry; another synchronous reluctance motor developed by Depuda Motor incorporates switched reluctance. The advantages of motors and permanent magnet synchronous motors are environmental protection, energy saving, and high efficiency, and their technical level is domestically leading.

Depuda Motors, which continues to innovate itself, is transforming from a "follower" to a "leader" and has become a high-quality supplier to many well-known new energy vehicle companies at home and abroad.