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Motor standard: GB/T 29314-2023 "Code for Energy Saving Retrofit of Electric Motor System"

Date:2023-08-23   Author:XINDA MOTOR

Motor standard: GB/T 29314-2023 "Code for Energy Saving Retrofit of Electric Motor System" approved for release

Recently, the State Administration for Market Regulation (National Standardization Administration) of China approved and announced GB/T 29314-2023 "Code for Energy Saving Retrofit of Electric Motor System" and 431 recommended national standards and 2 national standard amendments. The national standards released in this batch involve summer activities, home life, agricultural green development, ship environmental protection, intelligent manufacturing, basic raw materials, logistics services, urban construction, ergonomics, etc., and will help improve the better life of the people and promote the green development of agriculture , Promote the intelligent green upgrading of industries, consolidate the foundation of industrial development, and boost high-quality economic and social development.

The Chinese national standard "Code for Energy Saving Transformation of Electric Motor System" is under the jurisdiction of TC26 (National Technical Committee for Standardization of Rotating Electric Machines), and the competent authority is China Electrical Equipment Industry Association. There are 36 main drafting units of the standard and 21 main drafters. GB/T 29314-2023 will replace GB/T 29314-2012 and will be released on August 6, 2023 and implemented on March 1, 2024.

Main drafting unit:

1Shanghai Motor System Energy Conservation Engineering Technology Research Center Co., Ltd. 

2 Harbin Electric Power Equipment Co., Ltd. 

3 Jiamusi Electric Co., Ltd.

4 Nantong Tongda Silicon Steel Stamping Technology Co., Ltd.

5 South Pump Industry Co., Ltd. 

6 Zhejiang Xinsheng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

7 Wolong Electric Drive Group Co., Ltd.

8 Hebei Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. 

9 Zhuhai Kaibang Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

10 Shanghai Dianke Motor Technology Co., Ltd.

11 Shanghai Liancheng Group Suzhou Co., Ltd.

12 Jiangsu Zhuerkang Motor Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.

13 Wuhan Madijia Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd.

14 Ruichang Senaoda Technology Co., Ltd.

15 Ningbo Yunsheng Electric Drive Technology Co., Ltd.

16 Hunan University 

17 Shandong Orian Electric Co., Ltd.

18 Xiamen Tungsten Motor Industry Co., Ltd.

19 Anhui Wolf Permanent Magnet Technology Co., Ltd.

20 Zhongda Electric Co., Ltd.

21 Shandong Huali Motor Group Co., Ltd.

22 Zhejiang Jinlong Motor Co., Ltd.

23 Nanyang Weite Explosion-proof Motor Co., Ltd.

24 Shenzhen Fuxing Weiye Technology Co., Ltd.

25 Xiangtan Electric Co., Ltd.

26 Nanyang Explosion-proof (Suzhou) Special Equipment Co., Ltd.

27 Siemens Motor (China) Co., Ltd. 

28 Wuxi TECO Electric Co., Ltd.

29 Sichuan Honghua Electric Co., Ltd.

30 Suzhou Energy Electric Co., Ltd.

31 Huaian Jiemeida Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.

32 Nanjing Magnet Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

33 Chengde Shengqian Special Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

34 Dalian Tiansheng Permanent Magnet Motor Co., Ltd. 

35 Shanghai Tebo Motor Co., Ltd.

36 Harbin Engineering University