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Date:2023-08-23   Author:XINDA MOTOR

12V DC brushless gear motor 24V low speed 37 small motor forward and reverse slow brushless gear reducer

Rotating speed selectable:

10 revolutions per minute
20 revolutions per minute
30 revolutions per minute
50 revolutions per minute
100 revolutions per minute
200 revolutions per minute
300 revolutions per minute
500 revolutions per minute
600 revolutions per minute
5 revolutions per minute

Brand: XD
Model: XD-37GB3525
Origin: Mainland China
Power mode: DC
Color classification: 3525 motor motor + brushless speed control board
Voltage: 24V

Inner structure of the motor

Service lifespan can reach 30000 hours

Metal gear---Reduction gearbox adopts all-metal gear design, large contact area, smooth transmission, large torque and longer life.

100% pure copper wire
Pure copper wire with high precision resistance, stable and reliable, faster speed, with reduction gear box
Stronger torque, small temperature coefficient
Can withstand high temperature

Imported Chips
Blocking protection When the current is overloaded or blocked, the chip will automatically cut off the power protection, so as to avoid burning during the use of the motor, to increase the service life of the motor.

The motor is mainly used in various industries micro machinery: circulation fan, humidifier, dehumidifier, air freshener, cooling and heating fan, soap dispenser, hand dryer, intelligent door locks textile machinery, laser processing machinery, engraving machine, printing machinery, medical equipment, automatic packaging machine, all kinds of robots, robotics, automated production lines, antenna motion control, rotary motion control, all kinds of CNC machine tools, high-precision measuring instruments, electronics, manufacturing equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, financial machinery, military and other industries. Manufacturing equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, financial machinery, military and other industries.

Note: Connected to the governor according to the picture to connect, not connected to the governor in accordance with the text to connect the method
Red line: connected to the positive side of the power supply
Black line: connected to the negative side of the power supply
White line: vacant (counterclockwise)
Red wire: connect to the positive pole of the power supply
White wire and black wire: parallel connection to the negative pole (turn clockwise)
Blue wire: PWM speed control line, connected to 0-5V pulse width governor Yellow wire: FG signal line output Hall signal

Note: 12-24V can not be mixed (that is, 12V is 12V can not be used for 24V)
37GB3525 speed wiring method (Note: the power supply of the speed control and motor power supply is independent of the open)
1-Input the PWM interface in the PWM speed control amplitude of 5V, frequency of 10K PWM signal: 2-Duty cycle less than 10% (2%), the motor is at a standstill: 3-Duty cycle adjustment from 10% (2%), the motor is at a standstill: 3-Duty cycle adjustment from 10% (2%), the motor is at a standstill.
3 - duty cycle adjustment from 10% -100%, corresponding to the motor speed from the "lowest to the highest 4 - wiring mode blue wire connected to the PWM speed controller three feet in the middle foot.
5 - with the motor power supply shared grounded black motor wire, this line must be shared with the motor negative pole: 6 - PWM speed controller another foot to connect a separate power supply 0-5V + pole

Product Parameters
Defend our products with details and quality

When the motor is running at high speed, it can't be reversed instantly, and it needs to be reversed only after a pause of more than 3 seconds.

Name:Brushless Geared Motor
Number of pieces in a box:100pcs
Output shaft diameter:6mm
Whether to adjust the speed:Speed adjustable
Whether forward and reverse:Forward and reverse

Support customization, customization period 5-15 days fast delivery

Photos of the Motor 37GB3525