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HVPF2022 new energy vehicle leading enterprises gathered in Guangdong

Date:2022-11-12   Author:XINDA MOTOR
HVPF2022 new energy vehicle leading enterprises gathered in Guangdong

With the theme of " Vehicle Electrification , High Voltage New Future ", the HVPF2022 New Energy Vehicle High Voltage Platform Industrialization Conference and HVPF Technology Innovation Exhibition will be held in Foshan Guangdong from November 24th to November 25th this year . 

Representatives from BYD, Dongfeng Nissan, GAC, Geely, Xiaopeng, FAW, Dongfeng and other car companies, as well as BorgWarner, Vitesco Technology, Chongqing Qingshan, Huayu, Inovance Technology, Inball, Hoffer, Fudi Battery A total of 40+ guests have confirmed to share, 300+ companies will participate in the conference and the exhibition, the proportion of participating brands is expected to exceed 50%, and the scale of the exhibition is expected to exceed 500.

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01  Highlights of HVPF2022 Forum

02  Hot topics of HVPF2022

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Highlights of HVPF2022 Forum

Conference guests

Conference Agenda

The comprehensive market-oriented development of new energy vehicles under the vision of carbon neutrality

Shi Jianhua, Deputy Secretary General of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers

800V technical route analysis

Dr. Jia Guorui, Senior Engineer, CAS Data

Xiaopeng Motors 800V High Voltage SiC Platform

Development practice of 800V electric drive products based on the perspective of the whole vehicle

Zhang Jianfeng, Vice President of Hengchi Automotive Intelligence Academy

BYD e-platform 3.0 technological innovation

Jiang Long, Director of Pure Electric Platform, BYD Automotive Engineering Research Institute

New energy vehicle motor shaft machining solutions

Zhao Yafei, General Manager of Zhejiang Zhongzhi Jinggong Intelligent Equipment

Analysis of Key Technologies for Miniaturization of 800V Electric Drive System
Analysis of Key Technologies for Miniaturization of 800V Electric Drive System
Huang Wei, Head of Advanced Technology Research Department, Dongfeng Nissan Technology Center

Efficient development solution based on high voltage electric drive assembly
Chongqing Qingshan Project Director Yang Xintao

800V High Voltage Platform Insulation System Reliability Solution
Zhang Ling, Vice President of Sky Blue Electric Drive Technology

Roundtable Forum: Challenges and Solutions for 800V Electric Drives

1.800V insulation system

2.800v shaft current

3.800v electric drive efficiency optimization

New lubrication technology of 800V high-speed electric drive
Total Lubricants Key Account Application Manager Shan Daqing

Advanced 800V High Voltage Integrated Solutions
Vitesco Technology Project Manager Bob

Development of high-voltage and high-power electric drive system
Wen Yandong, Director of FAW Electric Drive System Development

Research on high voltage electrical stress of SiC drive system
Cheng Yuan, professor at Harbin Institute of Technology

Development and application of 800V high voltage system for new energy vehicles
Dongfeng Motor PIO and Office Director Shi Laifeng

Key Technologies for SiC Electronic Control Development

Key Technologies for SiC Electronic Control Development

Jiang Xianhong, Senior Manager of Control Section of Huayu Electric Technology Center

SiC devices help improve 800V electric drive efficiency
Liu Hongxin, Chief Engineer of Inball Electric Co., Ltd.

Application of High Voltage Contactor in High Voltage System
Zheng Xiaochun, Vice President of Zhejiang Huanfang Electric Control Technology Research Institute

Roundtable Forum: Discussion on Key Technologies of High Voltage Control System

1. Electronic control integrated boost solution
2. Difficulties in SiC electronic control development and technical solutions
3. Functional safety issues brought by high voltage to electronic control

Detailed explanation of the 800V innovative platform solution for dual inverter charging and driving
Tang Zhi, Director of Yilu Power

Application and challenges of silicon carbide in high-voltage electric drive system of new energy vehicles
Wang Yun, Executive Vice President of Guangdong Greater Bay Area Integrated Circuit Research Institute

Application of Three-Level Inverter in High Voltage System
Hoffer powertrain

New energy vehicle power system development and key technologies
Zhang Xuebing, head of GAC Aeon  Power

Integrated Design and Application of Film Capacitors
Lin Liangbin, Technical Director of Fudi Battery Co., Ltd.

HVPF2022 Hot Topics

What are the big guys talking about?

This conference will fully discuss the current industry market and technology status quo.

Hot Topic 01

800V insulation system

Hot Topic 02

Electronic control integrated boost solution

Hot Topic 03

Advanced 800V High Voltage Integrated Solutions

HVPF2022 Sponsors and Partners