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2023 The 24th China International Motor Expo and Development Forum

Date:2022-11-10   Author:XINDA MOTOR
2023 The 24th China International Motor Expo and Development Forum

● 2023 The 24th China International Electrical Machinery Expo and Development Forum will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from August 4th to 6th , 2023 . Previous exhibitors came from Siemens, Kollmorgen, Fuji, ABB, Taiwan Datong, Hebei Electric, Sima Electric, Wannan Electric, CRRC, Sino-rare Toyo, Xindali Electric, Jiamusi Electric, Sifu Electric and other outstanding enterprises . Tens of thousands of professional buyers came to visit, they came from user fields such as machinery and equipment, power transmission, automobiles, electrical appliances, fans and so on. 

Scope of exhibition :

■ Motors : medium and small motors, stepping motors, new energy motors, high-efficiency energy-saving motors, DC motors, servo motors, fractional horsepower motors, low-power motors, micro motors, explosion-proof motors, permanent magnet motors, brushless motors, Traction motor, special motor, high-speed motor, low-speed motor, vibration motor, gear motor, hollow cup motor, series excitation motor, ultrasonic motor, automotive motor, gear motor, asynchronous motor, synchronous motor, AC motor, speed regulating motor, variable frequency motor , high-voltage motors, low-voltage motors, power tools, household appliances motors, motors, large motors, generator sets, etc.;

■ Motor control systems and devices :  relays, connectors, drives, governors, sensors, controllers, encoders, converters, radiators, capacitors, fans, thermal protectors, control systems, servo systems, power electronic devices , CNC devices, switchgear, protection and control devices, vacuum equipment, frequency converters, transformers, etc.;

■ Ancillary products and materials :  commutator, bearing, commutator, shaft, motor shell, end cover, magnet wire, enameled wire, lubricating oil, brush, mold, electric carbon, brush, carbon, iron core, Collector rings, aluminum die-casting, stamping dies, punching, ovens, wires, semiconductor materials, permanent magnet materials, soft magnetic materials, insulating materials, electrical materials, powder metallurgy, engineering plastics, junction boxes, connectors, new environmental protection technologies, Motor CAD design software, manufacturing, management software, motor energy saving, electrical alloys, etc.;

■ Testing instruments and equipment : winding machines, stamping machines, forging equipment, forging machines, hydraulic presses, punching machines, grinding machines, motor drives, industrial control equipment, production equipment, protection and control devices, vacuum equipment, insulating coating equipment, punching Equipment, plastic press, special processing equipment, commutator finishing machine, engraving and matching groove machine, vacuum tube, insulating sheet inserting machine, spot welding machine, laser marking machine, magnetizing machine, electrostatic powder coating machine, Tooling fixture, armature tester, motor comprehensive performance tester, dynamic balancing machine, electricity tester, dynamometer, insulation performance tester, magnetic measuring instrument, online tester, CAT, mechanical inspection equipment, tooling and mould, production line, etc.;

Six advantages of the exhibition:

 Elaborately built by industry associations

 Professional research institutes fully support

 Strong media background, strong propaganda offensive

 Overseas cooperation units fully support

 Professional management, achievement of industry brand exhibition

 Exhibition supporting activities are splendid and rich in audience resources

We believe that you will get:

 Communicate face-to-face with buyers and manufacturers at home and abroad; 

 Establish the company's brand image and develop domestic and foreign product sales markets; 

 Maintain and strengthen your sales network; 

 Listen to experts at home and abroad talking about the market dynamics of the motor industry at home and abroad, and communicate with them; 

 Face the end users, understand the market feedback information of new products and new technologies, and obtain market dynamics as quickly as possible; 

 Get the attention of a large number of professional media, increase exposure and attract more potential customers;

Booth fees:
 Note: The empty space does not have any display racks and facilities. Exhibitors will arrange special decoration work by themselves or entrust the construction company recommended by the organization unit.
 Standard booth configuration: including exhibition venue, 2.5m high siding, lintel production, 9 square meters of carpet, one negotiation table, two chairs, one 5A/220V single-phase socket, and two spotlights.

Exhibited projects

Specifications and Requirements

Domestic exhibition area

Luxury exhibition area

Foreign companies

Standard booth


13800 yuan / piece

16800 yuan / piece


Double-sided open booth


15800 yuan / piece

18800 yuan / piece


indoor open space

From 36m²

1600 yuan/m²

1600 yuan/m²


Advertising charges :

 Note: The specifications of the catalogue (210mm * 285mm), imported coated paper, and the content of the layout are designed by the exhibitors themselves.







back cover


cover two


cover three


title page


full color


Black and white genuine


Company Profile




Information bag/10,000




corridor advertisement


Theme : high-end leadership, coordinated development, high efficiency and energy saving