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Development status and future trend of micro and special motor industry

Date:2022-09-30   Author:XINDA MOTOR
The micro-special motor, which generally refers to micro-special motor with diameter less than 160mm or rated power or special performance and special purpose. Micro motors are often used in control systems to realize functions such as detection, calculation, amplification, execution or conversion of electromechanical signals or energy, or to drive mechanical loads, and can also be used as AC and DC power sources for equipment.
Micro and special motors are essential basic electromechanical components for industrial automation, office automation, home automation, and high-end equipment automation. The downstream application fields of micro-motors are very wide, and micro-motors are used wherever electric drive is required. They are mainly used in the production and manufacture of auto parts and equipment, household appliances, information processors and audio-visual equipment worldwide. and other fields.

1. Current situation of micro motor market
In the international market, Japan, Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Sweden and other countries are the powerhouses in the production of micro and special motors, while my country has become a large country in the production of micro and special motors, accounting for more than 70% of the world's output. Sino-foreign joint ventures have advanced technical support and mature overseas market channels, and their production and sales have obvious advantages over domestic local manufacturers.
The domestic manufacturing of micro and special motors is a labor-intensive industry, most of which are small and medium-sized enterprises, relying on cheap labor and sufficient raw materials to provide low-priced products, lacking independent research and development capabilities, and mainly medium, low-grade and low-cost micro motors. After years of practice, the technical level of some leading enterprises is catching up with the world's advanced level.
(1) Market size
In 2018, the market size of my country's micro and special motors was 207.327 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 10.73%, and the compound growth rate from 2011 to 2018 was 20.12%. In recent years, with the rapid development of the downstream application fields of micro and special motors, my country has become a major producer and exporter of micro and special motors.

Data source: Zhiyan Consulting
(2) Market supply situation
Micro and special motors are the key products to realize automation and intelligence in various fields of the national economy. With the development and application of production technology, the application of micro and special motors has become more and more extensive, and the output of micro and special motors has grown rapidly. China's micro and special motor industry is mainly distributed in the eastern coastal areas, among which the micro and special motor industry in the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta has a complete supply chain and large-scale production and manufacturing capabilities. The output of micro-motors in China increased from 7.7 billion units in 2011 to 13.6 billion units in 2019, with a compound annual growth rate of 7.37%. In 2020, the output of micro-motors in China is about 13.9 billion units.

Data source: Zhiyan Consulting
(3) Market demand
Micro motor is an indispensable basic product in various fields such as industrial automation, agricultural modernization, weapon equipment modernization, office automation, and home modernization. In 2020, the apparent demand for micromotors in China is 13.3 billion units, a year-on-year increase of 3.21% from 12.9 billion units in 2019.

Data source: Zhiyan Consulting
2. Development of major downstream markets
Micro motor is a motor field that spans the industrial market and the consumer market. It is widely used in consumer markets such as household appliances, automobiles, power tools, and electric vehicles. There are also more and more high-end micro motors being assembled into industrial automation control. in the device. In the future, as the market in traditional application fields is gradually saturated and demand slows down, the main growth drivers of micro motors will come from emerging fields such as new energy vehicles, smart homes, wearable devices, robots, and drones.
(1) Automobile market
Micro and special motors are one of the key components in the automotive industry. The trend of vehicle electrification has further boosted the demand for electric motors. Motors, electronic controls, and batteries are the core components of electric vehicles and the powertrain of electric vehicles. The powertrain is of vital importance in function, and is the device for all energy storage, conversion and transmission of electric vehicles. The motor drive is the core component of the powertrain and an important device that converts electrical energy into kinetic energy. The motor drive directly determines the acceleration performance, output power, and dynamic performance of the vehicle. The power system accounts for the largest value in electric vehicles, accounting for about 50% of the cost of the whole vehicle, of which the motor accounts for about 13% of the power system.

Source: Soochow Securities Research Report
The electric vehicle market has a broad space for growth. In 2018, the global electric vehicle sales exceeded the 2 million mark for the first time. In 2019, the global sales reached 2.21 million, a year-on-year increase of 10%. The domestic market sales reached 1.206 million, continuing to remain the world's first. GGII predicts that global electric vehicle sales are expected to reach 11.5 million units in 2025, with an average annual compound growth rate of 31.7% from 2020 to 2025. According to the "2021-2035 New Energy Industry Plan", by 2025, my country's new energy vehicle sales will account for 25% of the year's total vehicle sales, and by 2030, new energy vehicle sales will account for 40% of the year's total vehicle sales.

Source: Advanced Industrial Research Institute
(2) Home appliance industry
The demand for home appliances tends to be stable, and the replacement of used home appliances will become the main demand. With the support of the policy of stimulating domestic demand, my country's home appliance industry has achieved rapid and steady growth. The production scale of my country's home appliance industry ranks first in the world. In 2019, the output of air conditioners, refrigerators and washing machines were 152.8 million units, 78.17 million units and 66.09 million units respectively. tower. At present, the number of households of white goods in my country has been relatively high. In 2012, the number of air conditioners in my country's urban residents reached 126.8, refrigerators reached 98.5, and washing machines reached 98. Considering the service life of air conditioners and washing machines is about 10-12 years, The refrigerator is about 12-16 years old, and the large-scale stock will bring about a stable demand for new products to replace every year.
(3) Industrial Industrial Control Market
Motors are one of the core driving factors in the electrification era, and their demand is gradually increasing with the evolution of social electrification, automation, and intelligence. In particular, micro-motors for industrial industrial control represented by stepper servo motors are widely used in variable speed, drive, frequency modulation, etc., and are an indispensable part of automated production lines, intelligent equipment, and industrial robots. The implementation of my country's Industry 4.0 national strategy will greatly promote the improvement of the overall automation and intelligence level of my country's manufacturing industry, thereby bringing a broad market space for the development of micro and special motors for industrial industrial control.
3. Industry development trend
Due to the rapid development of downstream products, the product variety and performance are constantly updated and upgraded, so that the functional design, development and production of micro and special motors are constantly innovating. Therefore, in the future, the functions of micro and special motor products need to be measured in accordance with the development of new products and the actual needs of manufacturers. The main development trends are shown in the following four aspects:
(1) Differentiation of market growth rate
The growth of the micro motor manufacturing industry is mainly driven by downstream demand, and its growth rate is determined by the development of its downstream application industry. In the next few years, the global electric vehicle will maintain a rapid development rate, so the growth rate of the automotive micro and special motor market will be faster than other application fields. In addition, another growth focus of my country's micro-motor manufacturing industry is more likely to be in the field of electronic equipment. Therefore, the development of various micro motor manufacturers in China in the next few years will show great differences due to the different application markets of the products.
(2) Manufacturing technology differentiation
With the introduction of the driver into the micro-motor industry, the micro-motor is developing towards the direction of intelligence. The introduction of the driver makes the micro-motor develop towards integration and intelligence, thus changing the traditional concept of using the micro-motor as a component, establishing a new concept of the design, production and use of the micro-motor as a small system, marking the The development of micro and special motors has entered a new stage.
With the improvement of the precision and reliability of micro and special motor products, in order to ensure the high standard and quality stability of the products, a large number of precision machinery, numerical control equipment and special equipment for micro and special motor manufacturing have been used in the production process. the trend of.
(3) Differentiation of production modes
There are two production modes in the micro and special motor industry: one is small-variety, mass production, and the other is multi-variety, small-batch production. At present, large-scale and automated mass production has gradually become a common model. For mass production mode, the large-scale production, manufacturing and testing automation are the mainstream trends, and the benefits are that it can effectively improve labor productivity and product quality.
(4) Increasing demand for energy saving
At present, the electricity consumption of various types of electric motors in China accounts for about 60% of the national electricity consumption. As an important branch of the electric motor industry, micro and special motors are large in quantity and widely used, and are large consumers of electric energy. The "medium and long-term special plan for energy conservation (2006-2020)" formulated by the National Development and Reform Commission lists the motor system energy-saving project as one of the sixteen key energy-saving projects. At the same time, the state has included high-efficiency motors into the implementation scope of the energy-saving products benefiting the people, and issued a national promotion task for high-efficiency motors. Therefore, in the future, my country's high-efficiency and energy-saving micro and special motor products will become the focus of attention due to the influence of policies and markets.