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New energy vehicle motor failures and solutions

Date:2022-09-22   Author:XINDA MOTOR
Introduction: The damage of the new energy vehicle motor during energy conversion will cause a small part of the loss to be converted into heat, causing the motor to heat up, which is a normal phenomenon and can continue to be used. However, if the motor of the new energy vehicle is overheated, it may be faulty. At this time, it should not be used any more. The fault must be removed first to avoid damage to the motor.

  Generally, the causes of overheating of new energy motors include internal faults of the motor, stator deformation, and water inside the motor. Let's take a look at the specific faults and solutions.

  1. Internal fault of the motor

  Reason: The fault inside the motor may be caused by the bearing, because the bearing carries the rolling speed, and once the gap between the steel balls increases, the stator and the rotor inside the motor rub, causing the internal combustion of charcoal.

  Solution: replace high-quality bearings in time.

  2. There is water inside the motor

  Reason: The motor sealing of some models is not very good. In rainy days or standing water, water will enter the motor. Although this does not affect the motor's work, it will always affect the motor's operating efficiency, resulting in reduced motor power and increased temperature. , overheating occurs.

  3. Stator deformation

  Reason: In order to reduce production costs, some manufacturers use stators with poor rigidity and easy deformation, so the motor will deviate from the normal track during the rotation process, resulting in uneven heating and overheating of the motor.

  Solution 1: Replace the stator with good rigidity and not easy to deform.

  Solution 2: Do a good job of sealing the motor. If the motor enters the water, it is necessary to clean up the internal "water" in time.

  4. Caused by the coil

  Reason: The heating of the motor is related to the material used in the coil. Generally, the automobile motor uses pure copper wire winding, which not only saves electricity and does not heat, but also has strong power. However, some motors on the market now use copper-clad aluminum and aluminum-clad copper materials. , the motor temperature will rise during operation.

  In addition, the thickness of the motor turns will also cause the motor to generate heat. The internal material of the coil is different, whether it is power, power consumption, heat generation, etc. There will be differences. If the number of coil turns is finer, the heat generation will be greater.

  Solution: Use more standard pure copper wire to wind the coil.

  The above are the reasons and solutions for the new energy vehicle prompting the motor to overheatAlthough the motor will heat up during long-term high-speed operation, the temperature will not exceed 60 degrees. If it exceeds, there may be a certain fault, which needs to be eliminated in time to avoid damage to the motor and cause the motor to be scrapped.