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How much to invest installation of electric vehicle charging piles

Date:2022-08-15   Author:XINDA MOTOR

When new energy vehicles are put into the market and widely used, many large car charging stations have also emerged. This emerging project has good development prospects and considerable profits. It is indeed a good choice for people with entrepreneurial intentions. However, investment needs to have costs. Doing market positioning and development planning in advance is very important, especially to have sufficient capital preparation. So how much is the investment in car charging stations?

How much is the investment in a car charging station? The capital required to invest in a car charging station cannot be generalized. This needs to take into account the positioning difference between brands and the scale difference between each charging station. If you invest in Laituo new energy vehicle charging pile, only The membership fee is less than 10,000 yuan. However, the costs required throughout the preparation and operation period also involve many aspects, specifically the following parts: 

1. Procurement cost: It is mainly used to purchase car charging piles, but different types have different prices. At present, there are AC charging piles, DC charging piles, and even fast and slow charging piles. Of course, there are also hanging charging piles and vertical charging piles. . However, the new energy market will receive corresponding subsidies from the government, which can also significantly reduce investment costs. 

2. Venue fees: Whether it is a public venue or a private venue, it is necessary to negotiate the lease conditions and costs first. Some common venues, such as some parking lots, do not need to pay rent and can enjoy preferential treatment. 

3. Construction costs: Investing in car charging piles requires the use of carports or related hardware equipment. If there is no confirmed business site, it needs to be constructed separately. This part of the cost also needs to be considered. 

4. Operating costs: After the headquarters has unified the distribution equipment and commissioned it, it is also necessary to take into account the wages of employees, market promotion costs and opening costs, and even daily expenses and working capital are indispensable. This will allow the charging station to operate normally. 

The above gives a clear introduction to how much to invest in a car charging station, and I hope it will be helpful to everyone. The new energy industry has many competitive advantages, good policies, subsidies and discounts, broad market prospects, and rapidly increasing demand. This is the best time to join investment.

Source: First Electric Netw