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This is a powerful motor that can be used in airplanes

Date:2022-08-03   Author:XINDA MOTOR

As a future development trend, pure electric vehicles have become the first choice of many consumers under the active research and development of various car companies and the strong praise of various countries. Of course, the advantages of pure electric vehicles are not only because they are more environmentally friendly during use, but their efficient motors can also improve our energy efficiency. Generally speaking, the thermal efficiency of an ordinary engine is about 35%, and the theoretical thermal efficiency of the Skyactiv-X engine launched by Mazda can reach 48%. The motor efficiency of an ordinary pure electric vehicle can reach 90%.


axial flux motor

Therefore, as the core motor of the three-electric technology, there are naturally some people who further specialize in it. Recently, Magnax from Belgium officially announced a new axial flux motor . This motor is independently developed by Magnax. Compared with mainstream motors on the market, it has higher coil density, efficiency up to 98%, and smaller size and weight.

According to the official introduction of Magnax, the new axial flux motor first uses rectangular cross-section wires, and more copper material can be filled under the same wire diameter, so that the copper filling rate reaches 90%. In addition, thanks to the excellent cooling capacity, the new axial flux motor coils can be pressed directly into the outer motor housing, cooling much faster than radial flux motors. Therefore, while increasing the motor coil and power, the axial flux motor can also have a smaller volume.

In addition, Magnax also uses a yokeless stator, which can make the path of the magnetic flux as short as possible, further improving the response speed of the motor. In the magnetic core material, Magnax has used grain-oriented steel (grain-oriented steel), which according to officials can reduce the loss of magnetic core operation by 85%.

From the comparison of the Magnax AXF225 axial flux motor with the HSM radial motor used in the BMW i3: the AXF225 weighs only 16 kg, has a maximum power of 200 kW and a peak torque of 250 Nm.

The HSM radial motor weighs 46 kg, three times heavier than the AXF225, with a maximum power of 125 kW and a peak torque of 250 Nm. In comparison, Magnax's AXF225 axial flux motor is not only lighter, but also more powerful. Judging from the above official information, Magnax's motors do have obvious advantages over the current mainstream motors in all aspects. Smaller size and lighter weight can allow vehicles to install more batteries to increase cruising range or free up more interior space. Stronger power can also improve vehicle performance, and lower operating losses can also greatly increase the life of the motor.

Judging from Magnax's plan, the axial flux motor can be used not only in traditional pure electric vehicles, but also in motorcycles and small aircraft, and can even be used as generators for large wind turbines.

According to the official information of Magnax, the axial flux motor developed by Magnax seems to be so "perfect". It is light in weight, small in size, high in power and high in efficiency. Almost all the motors in use on the market can be eliminated. However, as a brand new product, Magnax's motors are not currently commercially available, and their actual performance and durability have not been verified. So whether this new motor that has been "blown" into the sky is really so magical, we will only know when it is actually mounted on the product.