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MAHLE develops the most durable electric motor SCT E-motor

Date:2022-07-15   Author:XINDA MOTOR

Auto parts supplier MAHLE has developed the most durable motor SCT (superior continuous torque) E-motor on the market. It is small in size, light in weight and high in efficiency. It can be customized according to customer needs without using rare earths and can work for a long time. and efficient performance. It is reported that the new motor will make its debut at the IAA in Hannover in September 2022.

With the launch of the new electric motors on the market, the MAHLE Group becomes a full-range supplier in the field of electric drives for applications ranging from electric scooters and passenger cars to heavy commercial vehicles, off-road vehicles and industrial applications.

"It's easy to make large electric motors with short-term high performance. But so far, there has been a lack of durable and compact drives that enable unrestricted daily use of electric vehicles," says Martin Berger, Vice President R&D and Pre-Engineering at MAHLE . "Our new electric motor, the SCT E-motor, is the solution to these requirements."

In terms of powertrain, the SCT E-motor clears the way for all vehicles to replace the internal combustion engine. In 2021, the MAHLE Group is introducing a groundbreaking wear-free, scalable traction motor for passenger cars that operates efficiently over a wide speed range.

On the other hand, the SCT E-motor is designed in such a way that it is particularly effective in a certain rev range. Despite its very compact and lightweight design, its continuous power can reach more than 90% of peak power, compared to 50%-60% previously, which is unique in the market. Thanks to this, a variety of electric vehicles can be used even in demanding conditions. So far, the existing motors on the market cannot meet the requirements of some specific scenarios.

The gradual improvement of cooling technology has also made the rapid development of motor technology possible. The new motor from MAHLE is not only more durable by using an innovative integrated cooling oil, but also uses the waste heat generated for the entire system of the vehicle. At the same time, the extremely compact design of the new motor has advantages in terms of material and weight costs - lighter motors require less material to manufacture and increase the possible net load of commercial vehicles.

When designing this product, MAHLE chose a permanent magnet motor because it allows for a very compact design and does not require energy to be transferred to the rotor as an "excitation current", making the motor more efficient and No wear. Neodymium magnets are the strongest permanent magnets that can be produced today, and are used to generate magnetic fields in electric machines. However, in order to reduce the impact of raw material prices and geopolitics on the supply chain, the SCT E-motor can also be designed to be rare earth-free. Thanks to the unique contactless transformer developed by the MAHLE Group, this rare-earth-free version will also have the advantage of being wear-free and operating efficiently, and requires only slightly more assembly space.

On the question "Where will the new motors be produced", Dr. Harald Straky, Vice President Automotive Electronics and Mechatronics at MAHLE, responded, "It will be determined by the needs and geographies of the customers we receive. Global, so let's wait and see." According to Straky, customers have shown great interest in this new motor.

Electric mobility is one of the important strategic areas of the MAHLE Group in the future. To date, more than 60% of the group's sales have come from non-passenger vehicles with internal combustion engines. By 2030, this proportion will increase to 75%. The new motor will be an important part of the group's electrification strategy.