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Is it better to use formed windings for motor windings

Date:2022-07-06   Author:XINDA MOTOR

The selection of motor windings is based on the power of the motor itself and the specific working conditions. Small-sized motors use more scattered wire sets, while large motors, especially high-voltage motors, tend to form windings.

In comparison, the slot shape corresponding to the scattered winding can have a relatively large degree of freedom in shape, and the slot shape can be designed in a way that is most conducive to electromagnetic performance; from the perspective of coil manufacturing, as long as there is a simple winding mold, it can be The completion of winding manufacturing, especially the investment of automatic winding equipment, also makes this work faster and more perfect, especially for the adjustment of coil size and coil turns, which can be unlimited, which is conducive to the optimization and improvement of the design. , such as large and small grooves on the same punch, special-shaped groove design, etc.

For forming coils, the choice of line type and slot shape has certain limitations, and there are relatively many processes and tooling dies involved in the manufacturing process; but for large and high-voltage motors, forming coils must also be used, especially for high-voltage motors. In addition to the specificity of the insulation structure of the magnet wire, the outer insulation structure of the coil is also destined to be the necessity of choosing a forming coil.

For low-voltage high-power motors, including some low-voltage winding motor rotors with slightly larger specifications, forming coils will also be used. According to different motor power and corresponding working conditions, enameled electromagnetic flat wires or wire-wrapped flat wires may be used; For motor windings using this type of magnet wire, because the conductive cross-section of a single magnet wire is large, the number of turns of a single bundle of coils is relatively small, and the probability of inter-turn faults in the windings is also reduced. Analysis, the consistency of the formed coil is better, the physical distribution will be relatively regular, the symmetry of the winding and the ventilation and heat dissipation conditions will also be improved, especially for the rotor of the formed winding, the coil naturally becomes a good internal fan, which helps To improve the temperature rise level of the motor.

From the analysis of the mechanical characteristics of the windings, the rotors with formed windings have better resistance to mechanical shocks, especially for overspeed conditions, which can effectively avoid the occurrence of bag rejection failures.