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In which direction will the rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor develop and become more an

Date:2022-06-27   Author:XINDA MOTOR
The development and application of rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor has expanded the application of permanent magnet synchronous motor in various industries. The most significant performance characteristics of rare earth permanent magnet motor are light weight, high performance, high efficiency and energy saving. High-performance rare earth permanent magnet motors are the foundation of many new technologies and high-tech industries. Combined with power electronics technology and microelectronic control technology, it can manufacture various mechatronics products with excellent performance, such as CNC machine tools, machining centers, flexible production lines, robots, electric vehicles, high-performance household appliances, computers and so on.

       With the development of permanent magnet synchronous motors, high-efficiency permanent magnet synchronous motors such as high temperature, high vacuum, electric vehicles, built-in inverters, low-speed high-torque and self-starting have gradually entered some specific application fields. Due to the specific performance requirements of the motor in different working conditions, the overall development direction of the permanent magnet motor has gradually shown some specific characteristics.

High power and ultra-high speed are a development direction of permanent magnet motors
       Under the premise of a certain volume, to increase the rated power of the motor, it is necessary to greatly increase the speed of the motor. Rare earth permanent magnet motors do not require excitation windings, the structure is relatively simple, there is no heat source in the magnetic field, and no cooling device is required.

High-performance development
       Modern equipment puts forward various high-performance requirements to the motor industry, such as military equipment required to provide various high-performance signal motors, mobile power stations, servo systems and motors for automation equipment, and high-performance, high-reliability permanent magnets for aerospace applications. Motors, high-precision variable-frequency speed-regulating synchronous motors for chemical fiber equipment, high-speed-regulating rare-earth permanent magnet servo motors for CNC machine tools, machining centers, and robots, high-precision swing motors and spindle motors for computers, etc. Develop in the direction of special motors.

Lightweight development
       Aerospace products, electric vehicles, CNC machine tools, computers, audio-visual products, medical equipment, portable opto-mechatronics products, etc., all impose strict requirements on motors with small size and light weight. Permanent magnet synchronous motor has been developed and applied in elevator technology because of its advantages of small size, energy saving, good control performance, easy to make low-speed direct drive, eliminating gear reduction device, and speed regulation through frequency changes.