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Where is the brushless motor hidden in daily life?

Date:2022-06-22   Author:XINDA MOTOR

   The term brushless motor may be heard by few partners in life, but it is everywhere in our daily life. Xinda Motor will lead you to see which corner of life the infinite motor is hidden in!

1. Kitchen utensils

There are traces of electrical appliances everywhere in the kitchen, and the brushless DC motors for home use are even more dazzling. Such as blenders, juicers, coffee machines egg beaters, rice cookers, food processors, grain grinders, stand mixers, meat mincers, electric cutters and other appliances.

2. White goods

White goods refer to electrical products that can replace people's housework, including washing machines and dishwashers that can reduce people's housework pressure and air conditioners and refrigerators that enrich the living environment and improve the quality of life Air conditioners , refrigerators, microwave oven cooling fans, range hoods, dishwashers, washing machines and hot water pumps all have brushless motors inside.

3. Smart home

When using household equipment, brushless DC motors can also be used, such as exhaust fans, electric heaters, etc. There are also circulating fans, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air fresheners, air coolers, soap dispensers, hand dryers, smart door locks, electric doors, windows, curtains, etc. The quality of these smart home products is guaranteed .

The floor is also the main place and object of household cleaning and cleaning, and various electric floor cleaning products are also increasing, such as: carpet cleaners, electric vacuum cleaners, hand-held vacuum cleaners, floor grinders, etc.

Home automation is gradually becoming a trend of the times. At present, domestic silicon-based power is also working on the improvement of brushless motors for smart furniture and the drive of the entire micro-power system. Its main research and development fields cover fans, cleaning, smart home, and human assistance.

In addition to being a small housework expert, brushless motors are also useful in other high-tech fields.

4. Motor digital field

The electronic and digital field is the field with the most widespread and largest number of brushless motors, such as printers, fax machines, copiers, tape recorders, etc. that are common in our lives. In the drive control of their main shafts and auxiliary motions, there must be A brushless motor assists from this.

5. Medical equipment field

In China, brushless motors are used in high-speed centrifuges and thermal imaging cameras used in surgery.

6. Automotive field

       An ordinary family car needs 20 to 30 permanent magnet motors . In addition to the core engine, there are motors such as wipers, car air conditioners, and electric windows. As the technology becomes more and more mature, I believe There will be more and more brushless motors used in the automotive field in the future.

       All in all, the practical application of brushless motors in life is everywhere. In the near future, brushless motors will make more contributions to the convenience of people's lives.