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Disassembly steps of DC motor_Disassembly precautions of DC motor

Date:2022-06-07   Author:XINDA MOTOR
Introduction: Before disassembling the DC motor, obvious marks should be made at the connection between the end cover and the base, the brush frame, etc. to facilitate assembly.

  The disassembly steps are as follows:

  ①Remove the connecting wires in the motor junction box.

  ②Remove the bolts of the ventilation window on the commutator end cover (rear end cover), open the ventilation window, take out the brush from the brush holder, and remove the connecting wire connected to the brush rod.

  ③ Remove the bolts of the commutator end cover, the bolts of the bearing cover, and take off the outer bearing cover.

  ④Remove the end cover of the commutator. When dismantling, place a soft material such as wood board under the end cover to prevent the end cover from cracking when it falls, and strike evenly along the surrounding edge of the end cover with a hand hammer through a copper rod.

  ⑤ Remove the bolts of the end cover (front end cover) of the shaft extension, and carefully pull out the armature together with the end cover from the stator. Be careful not to damage the armature winding, commutator and magnetic pole winding, and use thick paper or cloth. Wrap the commutator and fasten it with string.

  ⑥ Remove the bearing cap bolts on the front end cap and take off the bearing outer cap.

  ⑦Put the armature including the front cover on the wooden frame or wooden board, and wrap it with paper or cloth.

DC Motor Maintenance

  After the maintenance or repair of the DC motor, the assembly sequence is opposite to the disassembly sequence, and the position of the brush should be corrected according to the marking.

  Precautions for Disassembly of DC Motor

  1. For motors equipped with rolling bearings, first remove the bearing outer cover, then loosen the fastening screws of the end cover, and mark the joint between the end cover and the base shell, and place the removed fastening end. The screws of the cover are screwed into the two specially provided screw holes on the motor end cover, and the end cover is pushed out.

  2. First remove the external wiring of the DC motor and mark it well. Then loosen the foot screws to separate the motor from the transmission mechanism.

  3. When disassembling a DC motor with a brush, the brush should be taken out from the brush holder, and the position of the neutral wire of the brush should be marked.

  4. When pulling out the rotor, care must be taken not to damage the stator coil. If the rotor is not heavy, it can be pulled out by hand; if the rotor is heavy, it should be lifted out by lifting equipment.

  5. To remove the pulley or coupling on the shaft of the DC motor, sometimes it is necessary to add some kerosene in the gap between the motor shafts of the pulley to make it penetrate and lubricate and facilitate disassembly.