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750 owners complain about Tesla's self-driving emergency stop

Date:2022-06-06   Author:XINDA MOTOR

CCTV reported that according to the Associated Press and CBS news, a document released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on June 3 shows that more than 750 Tesla owners in the United States have complained about the use of Tesla vehicles. When the driving function is in use, the car experiences an unexplained sudden stop on the road.

According to the report, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration asked Tesla to provide all reports it received related to incorrect braking, including crashes, injuries and property damage caused by related incidents. The document is dated May 14.

In addition, the document requires Tesla to submit relevant reports by June 20, but Tesla can apply for an extension.

In the report in February this year, Tesla launched an investigation into the phenomenon of unprovoked braking. There were 354 faults at that time, mainly breaking 200 in February, and then according to the current data, both March and April were 200. up. This question covers 416,000 Tesla vehicles, mostly Model 3 and Model Y. While there have been no reports of crashes or injuries, it was too scary for drivers.

Tesla owners say this phenomenon usually gives you a sudden slam on the brakes when cruise control or Autopilot is on.

For something so absurd to happen. With cognitive analytics, it could be that the system falsely detects objects on the road or predicts a collision that doesn't actually happen, and then gives you a slam on the brakes to protect you.